Swap Winter Trout Swap

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
I say this because I have mine, and the ones you guys tied for sean. If you will send me your address again I will put them in the mail when possible
If Eric and some others didn't get any. I'm up for tying a couple more and just sending directly to them. Sometime stuff get lost in the mail. You'll most likely get them eventually, but you might be 80 yrs old then.


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Am I the only one that has not recieved flies yet? I have not got a PM from Connor H nor response to the one I sent him. Just wondering if I am the only one? Connor H if your out there PM me, I am easy to along with and I understand things can go wrong but I would really appreciate getting tipped in on what happened. If anyone else is missing flies I would be happy to tie them and send them directly as Islander suggested. It would also be nice to have photos posted if possible.


Wow. Can't believe some people have not gotten their flies yet! I have asked Connor 3 different times about posting pictures of the swap. Good luck with that. I have given up!!