Yeah - one thing I miss about Montana - people ~know~ how to drive in the snow and ice. Right Old Man?

Just watched another duma$$ almost take out my truck because he couldn't hold his line in the turn. About 6-7" here in northern Bothell, and it's all come since last nite.


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My daughter is trying to get off the north end of Camano Island today to go to Seattle. Anyone have an update on what the roads like from the island to Stanwood and then Stanwood to the interstate. She says that there is about 12 inches on the ground on the island and it's still snowing (11:30 am MST).

Probably not too good, you should check the washington department of transportation website. Might give you a better idea. Best of luck to your daughter getting there though!


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Just checked ( weather cameras and there is a lot of snow action around the state. We in Yakima still looking pretty good compared to most of you around the state. You guys can have it all, S/Woolley and Spokane seem to have most of it.


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What I want to know is where are all the guys who consistantly brag up E. WA? They tend to pop up during the early winter and spring months. Once the winter hits and the summer gets heating up to 90 and 100 they tend to go silent.
Big snow is normal for us so we don't get as excited! So is 100 degrees in summer unfortunately. A land of extremes.

Actually, it looks like Sedro got as much/more than us, but man it is nearly a foot of cold smoke powder at my house above Cashmere. Took the cross countries out last night and it was pure poofter. Should be some nice conditions at Stevens and Mission this weekend for those who brave the roads! Stevens is reporting 23" fell yesterday, much more snow on the way this weekend.

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The trouble with snow and driving is the people from the warm climates think that they can stop when they apply their brakes. NOT. But drivers here in Montana just slow down. You still get to where to where you are going by going slower. But it is fun to hit the gas in the snow and see what you can do. Like yesterday my speedometer was going about 30 but I was barely moving. Just as long as there is nobody else around to see you make a fool of yourself.



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These two pics are last night and this morning. The bird bath I used for reference is an average concrete job and it was half full of frozen water yesterday morning. I have plenty of food, beer, and hooks. :)



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20" here in Spokane, and its still coming down.Every thing is basically shut down.Most snow Ive ever seen in a day.They said it broke a record set in 1968, but that was before my time.Lookin forward to fishing,maybe around June!!! :hmmm::beathead:

The weather cams are a great resource. Thanks for suggesting them. There are multiple cams for Standwood and I just checked them. Terry's Corner looks snow packed, but it appears that a plow had been through recently going eastbound. It's driveable. Daughter just chained up to get out to Cross Island and is on her way.


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What I want to know is where are all the guys who consistantly brag up E. WA?
We're out on the rivers enjoying the solitude now that we finally have some snow. You guys all look forward to opening day on our lakes and rivers; we look forward to snow, cold temps and pass closures! :)