The chum are in at minter creek.

My grandma and grandpa live a quarter of a mile up the road from the minter creek hatchery and for thanksgiving we always visit them so this year while the turkey was cooking my cousin and i walked down to the hatchery and there was about a
dozen people fishing and the chum were in , they should be thick in the next couple of days and there are already quite a few.I am going sunday morning hope to see ya there.
Went to minter today and caught 3 , smallest was about 9 pounds and the biggest was a hog of about 15 or 16 pounds.
I don't care what you say that's fun on a fly rod.The biggest one took all my fly line and half my backing off my reel so i had to chase it down stream jumping and running after it while
gaining line then finally my cousin tailed it and the battle was over.lots of people although i did see about 5 other fly fisherman besides my cousin wich was a pleasent surprise. I will
be back next weekend or next monday.I would go tomorrow
but i'm going duck hunting.:7
Was there yesterday and this morning with my 9-year old son. Even though there were ALOT of people, most were friendly and courteous. They got out of the way when you had a fish on. My son caught his first salmon on a fly and had alot of others on - I appreciate the opportunity to have fish like that to get a young fly fisher started.

The bad part was the stretch above the bridge near the hatchery - there was a bit of snagging going on. They could probably put the boundary a little more downstream to discourage bad behavior...

Long drive back to the east side, but worth it!
Drove down from Seattle this morning to check out the fishing. Arrived about 8:30 or so and saw one or two guys fishing on a fly, the rest were snagging, and keeping what they caught. I'm not much with regs, but I thought that was illegal.

Anyway, the crowds on the bank were a little much for me so I kept on going on 302 and found a couple of nice looking creeks. Rocky Creek was the nicest water open for fishing, with Sherwood Creek (currently closed) a dandy second (does it ever open up?) There were spawned-out Chum on the banks at Rocky and a few still kicking. I talked to a guy who said that Rocky gets a good Chum run but it started up about a month ago and few fish were left. Too late for this year but possibly a good option for next.
sherwood creek kicks out alot of fish to the few locals who fish it, when i fished it it was the middle of october. south sound that part imperticular sherwood, coulter, deer, cranberry, johns, get those october chums. sherwood creek flows into mason lake a alot of cutts but you have to fish for them in mason lake cause i think the creek is closed but mason lake is open all year and is one of the better all year lakes, with perch kokanee sqawfish a little of everything
Jon correct me if i am wrong but rocky creek is not listed in the regs therfore it is open june1-october31. Which would make it closed now. Anyway I know how you feel sometimes I like to try and find new places. Minter creek when I was there did not look like a fly fishing creek. Good luck!