Swap Winter Steel Swap II

Chukar Spey

I'll take Chukar & Steelhead all day, every day!

My apologies gents, I had a SNAFU w/ material and need to pick up some more to finish the flies (only like 4 more). I will have mine on a quick flight to Dinker ASAP. Sorry for delays...

FWIW, I'm doing a #2 Spawning Purple. I bought 2 packs of Marabou and it was shite to say the least. I'm gonna try another guy in the morning and see if he can sort me out.

Thanks for the patience...
Mumbles, I will do the quickest turnaround I can. I work out of town most weeks, but will get them to you as soon as I am humanly able. I would love to give these flies a test run on the Hoh as well! Maybe one of y'alls flies can help me catch my first steel!

Chukar Spey

I'll take Chukar & Steelhead all day, every day!
Alright dudes, mine have been shipped. Hope you enjoy...

A note on the pattern, I did not have the thread I normally use, so some of the patterns turned out to look like Egg-Sucking Spawning Purples, AGGHH...bawling:

Look forward to seeing them!
Mine will be shipped on Sat since it is unlikely I can get to the PO prior to then. If this is too late let me know if you want to meet in person and make the exchange earlier.
Finally got my flies in the mail. I apologize for the tardiness of my offerings and the lack of toe tags.

Speaking of tags...there are so few of you who put tags on the flies. I figure it's fine though, you will all know who's is who's by the pictures.

Obi- I will send the flies out when I get them all together, so whenever that day gets here, then it will happen. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later though.

Cheers :beer2:

Received Fly Punk's, Steve's and Daryle's flies this week. I am really liking the diversity of this swap. Nice work guys! :thumb:

Only three more of you left and I can get these out. Hope you all have a good weekend.

fly punk

lunatic trout bum
Im glad you like em Dinker. Mine are probably not as fancy as some others, but im about catching fish and this pattern has been knocking the crap outta the steel. Have fun with em boys. :thumb:
Under the heavy influence of Jack Daniel's, I created a fly pattern that I call the "Obiwan-Prawn". The first two prototypes I applied a thin layer of epoxy over the back of the fly. My attempt was to reinforce the pheasant feather that is folded from the rear to the front of the fly. After some sobriety set in, I determined that the epoxy would weight the top too much causing the fly to ride underside during the swing. For the rest of the ties, I just applied two coats of Sally Hansen's over the back, giving it some sheen and some durability. My apologies since two of you will recieve the original epoxied prototypes but with a proper knot, they should still ride upright under water.
Obi, just got home and saw your flies today...looking good dude! I don't know if the epoxy flies will be too top heavy or not, either way, both of them look great.

Now we just need to get Nick's flies in. I want to get these flies out soon, so I am thinking another week and then I'll get them sent out to be fair to everyone. How does that sound? Not too much time left to fish for the winter steel.

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!

Gary Dills

3 weight to 10 weight
Hey guys
I've been outta the loop for a week or so...just had a little heart problem...actually a stint placement in the lad (artery that supplies 40% 02 to the heart muscle). Glad God nudged me to get it checked before checking out on some river! Anyhoo, I'd sure like to get something before next weekend, as I will be taking the trailer over to the west side for some fishing. BTW I feel better now than I have for a long time.:) Glad to be Alive!