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For you guys who don't know about this fly/ method for stillwater applications, do yourself a favor....A "micro leech" under an indicator may well become your favorite combo this year.......
A Google search will yield a mountain of information....

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Have tied and fished a variant called a "Arizona Simi Seal Leech" for several years. Probably caught more fish on this pattern than anything else. The AZ Simi Seal dubbing is very easy to use and cheap!! Comes in everything from black to silver. Tails can be marabou or simi seal.
A shoreline go-to for browns. No indicator though...throw it in tight and pull it back hard.

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As important as that fly is, the vertical method ( hanging the b.h.m.l. off an indicator) is often even more so.... There is often just no substitute for "hang time", that is maximizing time in the zone where the trout are cruising and feeding...
As effective as a vertical chrironomid is, the b.h.m.l. will out 'em about half the time...
The bigger profile of a b.h.m.l. is easier to see and the marabou is just so lively looking...also the soft materials are not so quickly rejected...
I have brought up this subject just to spread 'the good news" a bit because I have found that very, very few down here stateside use that fly along with the vertical presentation....but that in B.C. it is hugely popular...and for good reason.

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I have fished olive micros on a sinking line just letting them sink and more often than not get the take as it is just sinking to the bottom. many times in the first 5 feet of it sinking.

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Of all the styles of b.h.m.l. patterns pictured on that BC site..... the one's tied by "Manta Ray" are probably the most commonly seen..... Personally, I prefer the more webby "woolly bugger style marabou" for tails and the longer and spikier "blood quill' feathers for bodies along with red wire rib and a gold bead.....To me black is all that's needed....."if it ain't, then take it back"....
Another excellent body material is Metz's "crystal chenille" in size medium.... it is smaller than Estatz even in size petite, for a slim body....
I think that it's fair to say that in B.C. that the b.h.m.l.nearly always goes hand and hand with indicator fishing....... but that does assume that you are anchored up, casting and watching a bobber. Certainly one can troll or drift too but when fishing shallow, rich, eutrophic lakes the fish are usually in a zone near the bottom and the vertical presentation suspended a couple of feet off the bottom targets that zone.

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Hey folks,

I'm one of those guys from the "forum to [your] north", and yep - Micro-leeches are pretty popular up here, especially definitely under an indicator. I find I have the best success with them if there is a bit of a small chop to the water, which imparts some extra action on the indicator, and hence on the fly.

I'm not a huge fan of bobber fishing, though I do use the method frequently enough. I just prefer to be casting or moving... and the gold-bead olive-body micro leech is my FAVOURITE pattern for searching while kicking around in my float tube watching the eagles and keeping an eye out for wildlife on the shore.