Swap Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Swap is full... If you want to be on a waiting list if anyone drops, pm me.

Must say that I am wishing Ron Eagle Elk was still doing the Marathon..

Thought I would see if there was any interest..

January - nymphs
Febuary - streamers
March - drys
April - emergers
May - freestyle

The deadline is the 25th of each month. I want the last flies out for the stream opener.

At the end everyone gets to vote for a MVP and I will find a prize. (got to finish to vote)

Cutoff is 11 + me and everyone ties 12 (or number we get) and gets one of their own back.

I will post more details if there is interest,

I'm up for it if I don't have to tie anything smaller than a #10. I'm going blind in my old age and I think my fingers are getting fatter. bawling:
Looks like this is going to be a go.:beer2:

Here is the list so far,

1. sharpshooter223
2. Islander
3. xdog
4. robast
5. twinlakesleach
6. Zach M
7. Bullwhacker
8. Chuckngear
9. Richard Torres
10. Eric Tarcha
11. riseform
12. ME

We are full.

As I mentioned I want everyones flies on the 25th of each month. If you are late (without a good excuse) or absent any one month you will disqualify yourself from MVP or MVT.

I mentioned that participants would vote. I will talk to Chris and see if I can set something up where the whole board can vote instead (sounds like more fun).

When this fills up I will pm everyone more info.

Time to start tying nymphs,

Just wondering, are you asking for these patterns to be for Streams or Stillwater or either?

Just want to make sure before i start spinning bug puppets :thumb: