Whats the earliest you have caught carp in spring


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I am down for the winter and rented a small cabin on Lake Tapps. I have heard from guys that there is alot of carp in this lake. Also my Uncle owns a home on the columbia outside of wenatchee. When should I start looking for fish and on the columbia where might I find some in central washington. Thanks

Brad Niemeyer

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Carp are warmwater fish... I have not found them particularly active before April, although a really warm day might spark some to nose around in the shallows. Eastern WA warms up sooner than the wet side.

Moses Lake and the columbia south of vantage are good carp spots:thumb:


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I'll just add the Seeps and Banks lakes as places to find carp. I've heard of people getting into them as early as March on the lower Columbia but I've never had much luck earlier than April. The warmer the better into the summer.
ive seen carp year round around here even though i dont go down to the river very much this time of year (nothing to fish for). i have no idea if they are feeding or not. i have no idea what time of year they start feeding on small organisms but around the tri cities around spring they are pretty easy to catch with bait. two years ago there was a group of eastern europeans just wading around grabbing and netting them.

Ed Call

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The wet part of the lake, where the rest of the fish hang out. Just busting your balls man, just busting your balls.
where i live, in some spots the river bank is built up so there is a high point that slopes fairly steeply down right into the shallows (my favorite bass spot) and when i go out there i can see right into the water and often see carp rooting up the place. also by the marina right nearby it i can see carp from the bike path when the water is clear enough. another time when it was acctually summer when i went to my bass spot there was carp splashing around everywhere knocking my bass lure out of the spot i wanted it to be. they are pretty easy to spot on a sunny day if the water is clear though. look for a high point to spot them from.

Connor H

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I caught carp in the winter on winchester wasteway by potholes last year on a really cool RL hare's ear in an olive color. PM me for the exact spots though. The funny story behind it was that I was duck hunting and saw about 15 carp at the bottom of this slow moving section that was about 3 feet deep. I ran back to the truck and put on the money fly and caught 5 carp in about 25 minutes. It was -3 degrees with wind chill so there was some ice forming on the banks...


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tapps has decent smally fishing and some tiger muskies BTW... Pretty lake too, nice veiw of ranier... I'd probably look for clearer water for carping, but then again I've only seen the carp never caught them, couldn't figure out how to past a beetle fly on the bottom of the lilly pads...
There are some flats around Orondo, Wa, east side of the river, and there are some flats around Entiat. Plenty of places to put your boat in.
I tried the east side of the river this summer in August, but the weeds were very thick.
I did see many hugh carp and the biggest bass ever in my life.
The NPM were thick and I caught many of them.
I think I'll try a little earlier this year before the weeds get thick.

Look in the shallow water on the East side of Tapps. Starting in April and into late May they move in to spawn. Concentrate around Snag Island and Inlet island. Take a drive around the lake now and note where the mud is. In the Spring the water will come back up and the fish will move in with the rising water. You will see that it will be only about 2-3 feet deep when full.

Great fun and good Rhoddy fertilizer.

Also good for Bass and Tiger Muskie to the mid 20#s. :thumb:


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Gatorator, I live down the street from there. I am off of 64th. T have a shallow cove in front of me the islands are in view. I will start the study. Thanks.