Water Master Bruin????????

Anyone have any info, spec, or phtos of this raft. Is it still being developed, has produation stopped? Are they good for rivers, and if so, what is their whitewater rating?


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They were the same as the present day Grizzly in size and shape, weighed in at 15lbs. Only in production for 1-2 years[5-7 years ago]. Either the owner or Production Manager[at that time] felt they were more of a lake raft. How'd they make them so light? Used polyurethane instead of vinyl in the 'sandwich', which is what the Abel/EXP/WS uses....except they used an even lighter polyester fabric than the aforementioned, probably why they didn't recommend them for rivers. BTW, did you get those photos?
Yes, I got the photos. It was very interesting on the ways you customized it. I think I will go with the Wm Kodiak because of the size difference. I will be in Dillon Looking at Um western this summer and I am going to go through Missoula and look at Um too, so I will swing by the factory there, and the water strider factory in hamilton. Now I just need $1300 :)