fly fishing the Hoh river

I am thinking about fishing the Hoh River out on the coast. I was told that it is one of the better rivers to fly fish for Salmon/Steelhead and I am interested in scouting more of the coastal rivers. If anyone has any suggestions for how to explore this river or has any recommendations for other coastal rivers that are good for fly fishing I would really appreciate it. I am tempted to get a guide and do the float trip, but I am also interested in just finding a good river to wade out and fish. I am worried that there is no room for back cast or little access to the river.

Also, If anyone is interested in driving out there with me on a weekday let me know (or maybe going in half on a guided trip for a day). I live in the Kent-Covington area. I have been fly fishing for about a year now and I am really hooked (pun intended). I work during the week but I am willing to take a day off when the whether looks good. I am not a fly fishing expert but I have lots of enthusiasm for the sport! I can tell good stories too!
I've only fished the Hoh once in the national park, but there was plenty of room for backcasts, and at that time the river was wadeable, but it rained heavily when we got there and was blownout within an hour or two. I have heard this can be a big problem with the Hoh. You may want to plan your trip during a dry spell. The good news though, is that there should be lots of fish in the river by now with all the rain we've had. Good luck.
The hoh is a pretty fun river to fish. There is actually a good book on the hoh. It is part of the Steelhead River Journal series. I suggest that you go to you local fly shop and ask for it. They can order it for you if you want. The hoh is a great river to fish. I do suggest that you get a guide for one day to find out where the fish are holding and what patterns a popular. Good luck!
The hoh river is a blast to fish my family goes up to the rainforest campground in the late summer early fall and we catch all kinds of fish dollies, stellies, and we even hooked a couple summer kings the last few years. it is very wadable up there. Also there is quite abit of access along the hoh river road. Another spot open to just flyfishing is from the park boundary to a mile below the campground some great summer stellie water but have not been there this time of year. That is a pretty long day trip I suggest you stay a oxbow next to 101 if your looking for winter runs. Good luck I hope this helps put a bend in the rod.:jj


Scott Willison
The Hoh is definitely a very user friendly river and relatively easy to gain access to. The Upper Hoh road parallels the river most of the way from 101 up to the park. Along this stretch you'll find numerous wide open gravel bars that are very conducive to fly fishing. It is by far my favorite Olympic Peninsula river to fish and I've enjoyed many a brisk winter morning waist deep in its icy flows, often spotting herds of Roosevelt elk grazing the far bank. As someone else pointed out, the Hoh is prone to some pretty gnarly flooding during periods of heavy rain. It is generally the first river to go out and the last to come back in shape. Some seasons may only offer a handful of days to find the river in fishable condition (this season is shaping up to be one of them). My advice is this: While the Hoh is tough to beat in terms of scenery, experience, and somedays--fish, the Peninsula is chalk full of lesser known rivers and streams that harbor good runs of fish. Get out and explore--take a 3-day weekend, and a little local advice should you happen by one of the fly shops, and be flexible.

Tight lines and happy exploring...