Wanted: old Lamson reel

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I lost a great 10+ year old 3-5 wt Lamson reel but still have extra spool and would like to find another reel to use the spool with. Can anyone identify the model of the Lamson reel from the spool pictures attached and does anyone have one they'd like to sell?
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You have a pic of the backside? Looks an awful lot like the LP series. My spool is solid on the back (not perforated) and has two little protruding ears to engage drag. I have an LP 2 which may be a bit larger than yours.


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That's a Lamson LP. If it takes 3-5wt line, it's a model 1.5. Here's a link to a site with specs if you want to take measurments.


I think the link to buy is busted, but this page has some good info.

This was a pretty popular reel in its day, so you do see used ones around. I've owned severl LPs and they're a good, solid reel. I wouldn't be surprised if someone here might have one for sale, but if not, they come up on Ebay pretty regularly.

One other thing worth mentioning. Lamson also made a click/pawl version of this real called something like the LP Light. It has a large pawl gear on the back of the spool. If yours has it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Hard to miss. The c/p version of the reel is considerably harder to find.
i'm a big fan of the LP's myself and i have a couple of the smaller size reels. i have heard of a few clutch problems on the larger sizes, those intended more for saltwater use, but never on the smaller reels. imho these are one of the best trout reels ever produced. richard.m
Thanks for all the helpful info. Looks like it's an LP series and I'll just need to confirm which size, probably 1.5 as nb_ken suggests, for 3-5 wt line. This forum is great.:thumb:


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I have used LP 1.5s in various conditions and one unfished LP2 reel and one near new used LP2 reel and one spare LP2 spool.
boboo_3: How about sending me a private message on the forum with prices for one of the LP 1.5s and the LP 2.0? It sounds like you're willing to sell one of them and the LP 2.0 might work fine. Thanks, Lostcreeker
I agree, that would be a Lamson 1.5 reel. I had one of those for a few years, AWESOME little reel, I really miss it sometimes....bawling:


Please note your original picture looks just like my LP2 reel (5-6 wt reel). Are you sure you're looking for a 1.5? The 1.5 only has three rows of holes in the spool face. The LP2 has four rows of holes in the spool face. I would almost guarantee your spool is an LP2.
The lp's had different porting paterns on the spools depending on how old it is. Either when or right before sage bought lamson the porting went to the four rows as well as the back of the reel. Before that, all the reels had solid backs and less porting on the spools.
I have fished my lamsons for years without any problems and like them very much. I was told by waterworks that bill Archuleta now has all the spare parts and can handle any work on them.
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