We doin' this again or what?

i know most of you are planning to camp. i may join you, but myself and few guys i've talked with are looking into the motel route, hot shower, hot food, bars and the warmth, always get the smoking rooms for stogies! waking up cold, stiff and wet gear is overrated
hey stonefish, ask your friends and see if you can get us a wff.com discount!


Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I'm in, I just need to figure out the days. I have dad duty every weekend so I may be a weekday guy there. I don't have a boat, so if I could jump in with someone that would be cool. I will bring a couple coolers full of PBR!!!!

Old Man

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There's a good Motel in Forks. Not to sure of the name, but it's on the right in town. $55.00 a night. Double Queen sized beds. Micro Wave and Icebox to keep your beer cold.


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Camping isn't that difficult. I went last year and two or three years ago, when night temps were in the teens. Slept plenty warm in a backpacking sized tent. OTH, I usually stay at the Forks Motel that OMJ referred to. Very comfortable and naturally a lot warmer than a campsite. I'll be staying in a hotel this year since the timing of the trip coincides with a scheduled trip to the Bahamas. I'll expect a complete report afterward.


Ed Call

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Personally, Id like to see a "Pocket T" shirt.
FDC, are you serious. That makes you old man...and you know I hate to say that. I bet you and OMJ would seriously love kicking it with your WFF HohOnine pocket T's.

Oh, and don't be butt hurt FDC, you've had some whiskey and I've had some beer.

Oh, and OMJ...bite me.

Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL. I'll have my "Chateau de Alaskan Camper" on board, so that'll be my hotel room. But have no problems tent camping it. Even in the torrential rain. I've had many a trips rained out on the coast. In fact, about 7 years ago I took my then girlfriend, her Dad and little sister on my yearly April trip to the Hoh. We got there, setup camp, and it PUKED rain all night. That good old squal and downpour stuff. Was an awesome steelhead green that night. Was puking mud and high that morning. I made breakfast, then said "Well, I can rip the seats and strip the boat down and take us on a whitewater trip". Water was hitting so hard, the Oxbow and Willoughby actually had rollers. Was pretty nice. We were only boat on the water (of course). Was a good time.

But if I can make it, I'll be there rain or shine.

Jonathan Stumpf

I don't care how you fish
I'll come based on the cuisine alone! Either weekend/weekday works for me...still unemployed. It'd be great to meet some people from this board and pop my WA steelie cherry...

What can I bring/do we need?