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Bought Pat's stone after reading so much about it, and decided to try my hand at tying one. Seemed pretty easy, just some legs and chenille. Wrong....
The legs, they're all over the place. I have some larvae lace that I picked up, and I can't keep the legs from pointing in every direction but what looks right. Any tips on keeping those buggers under control would be appreciated. I've been trying to just tie them on by knotting them on first, but the lace is so slick, that doesn't stay too well, and the weight wire also makes them point odd directions. Then trying to get the chenille wrapped around the legs makes them take yet another turn, for the worse.
I'm also wondering if the fish really care if they're eating a deformed fly or not. But even if it's for my own peace of mind, I'd like to get it right.
Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.


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the legs on a pats are not larva lace they are flexi-floss or superfloss and practice makes perfect as far as getting the proportions/legs right


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the legs on a pats are not larva lace they are flexi-floss or superfloss and practice makes perfect as far as getting the proportions/legs right
I'm hoping the larva lace will do the trick for now... don't have any of theflexi-floss. Are they pretty close in their action?

Also, the proportions are coming along, but man is it difficult to get the legs looking right. Does anyone have some tips on getting them straight. A youtube video maybe???

when tying pat's stones i have found that it is easier just to get the legs on the shank and when you wrap the chenile use it to guide the legs where you want them to be by applying pressure or wrapping back or whatever it takes to get them where you want them. make sense? also look at naturals and try to find one with perfect legs, you wont. i have fished one purchased from a shop and caught fish only to lose it and tie on one of my own lesser quality ones and it still catches fish with unevenly spaced antenni and crooked legs. its all about the profile. try to get your hands on the floss stuff too that might make it easier. hope this helps


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Great, thanks! I've been working on them and they're definitely getting better.I'm pretty sure my mistake was watching the fly tying show once when they were tying on legs, and he used a know to tie them on, bad idea in this case. That's what was causing the direction to get squirrely. I tried tying them directly on the shank, no knot, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. Hope the fish do.

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i don't think you're going to get the action out of the legs using larva lace that you would with flexi or sexi-floss...i like to tie the legs on first and the throw some led on the fly, not only for weight, but to get the legs positioned how you want. this allows you to figure 8 the legs on instead of tying them into knots!...Pats are one of my favorite stone patterns fo sheezy!


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This may draw ridicule, but I'm not familiar with the Pat's Stone. Nada on a google image search (although I did get some interesting results...) Can anyone hook me up with a link or a photo?
Just finished my first batch of six pat's stones. Not to toot my own horn but those things are a walk in the park!!! There are a few tricks to get them to turn out just right but tought to beat compared to the crazy complex stonefly patterns I've been tying for years. I' started with some size 8's for skwalas but I'm going to do these in 6 as well in lots of colors!!! Great looking fly . . . the next step is to put fish on the bank with them.