Tough year

A difficult year here in E. Wa., what with the early,heavy snows, some early cold weather freezing the small water around, and the lousy survival on the few wild birds around.

Another year will come and maybe there'll be better hunting.

Until then.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
I hunted pheasants a few times this year near Walla Walla (Dayton) and did pretty poorly on wild birds. Quail seemed to be a different story though, it seems like there was a very strong population of them this year. But as far as the ringnecks go I agree on the harsh weather, a good buddy of mine who lives in Dayton said when he was hunting in snow all he saw was bunches of piles of feathers, they seem to be sitting ducks for hawks and coyotes....

Seemed like the early season was same ole, same ole, but as the season got later and the cold and cold dry snow hit the only birds that would hold tight were the hens and some quail.
The old wild roosters would hear the truck pull in and would take off for parts unknown.