Bass Boat on the Sound, why not?

there are some slick little jack plate/trim and tilt combinations for small outboards. CMC makes a nice one that I used this last November. Google trim tilt jackplate.

Jim Wallace

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Good point, johnnyrockfish, A guy I know who had a career in the Coast Guard showed me his new setup last year. It was a 16' shallow vee with a 30 hp prop outboard with power tilt (includes a jack plate). He said that was "all ya need."
My 16' "bass boat" is rated for 30hp MAX. The guy I bought it from said it jumps up on plane and really flies with only the 25hp 2-stoke he had on it. I don't know if some guys just aren't power crazy, thinking you need an 80 hp on a 16' boat.
Mine almost planes out with a 9.9 hp 4 stroke.

Its an older SeaNymph, not that heavy, only partially welded, mostly riveted. Here it was when I first got it. A tree had fallen on it and crumpled a rail, which was welded. First thing I cut off the old anchor pulley on the bow.


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riveted boats in salt water can be really bad if you dont take care of them almost perfectly, the salt gets into the rivets if there are any space and eats it out until the rivet is gone, then water just pours in and you sink
How about a Boston Whaler?? Those things were the hot thing to have up in Ketchikan. I dont know what they go for, but people claim you can saw them in half and they would still float.
That or a Lund skiff with like a 15 HP. Hell we paddled my uncles canoe in the harbor area that he lived on.
I am a fan of the jet as well. You do loose a bit of power but you dont have to worry about prop strikes. But I understand about the budget thing. Good luck with your hunt!!

Just two cents from a guy with friends who own boats
I was in a 14 sea nymph this past fall. It was a v hull with full transom and a long shaft 25hp Mariner 2 stroke. With the trim/tilt/jackplate and the motor positioned right we were getting on a plane in about than a foot and running in less than that. We ran at 22 - 23 mph on the GPS. I don't know much about the whole jet thing and how much more HP you need but that hull you've got looks perfect for what you're talking about wanting to do. A good rinse is all you need and the rivets will hold up for decades. The real old riveted boats were more of a problem in my experience than a quality boat in the last 15 years or so.

Looks like a really fun boat to build up, have fun.

I was talking about a second motor, not swapping lower unit... some time in the future when the need arises and I have the cash. Oh, and yeah boston whaler would be my first choice in a hull, but they come at a premium comparatively so only if a really great deal presents itself.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I'd love to swap out my 9.9 hp 4-stroke for a 25 hp or 30 hp 4-stroke prop with power tilt 'n trim, and a hydraulic jackplate. Thats over $4 grand, though, and not in the immediate future.
I might install an inexpensive manual jackplate for the time being, so I can find the "sweet spot" for prop height. I think I need to raise my motor mount a good 1.5" anyway.