Burien Marina...just north of the creek there?

Anybody ever fish that beach? if so...have any luck? I went down there yesterday just prior to low tide. Not much room where it turns into private property but figured I'd give it a try anyway. Fished for 2 hours, 2 clouser patterns, 2 shrimp patterns and even the Miyiwaki popper with zero response. Saw no action in the water at all.

Just prior to packing up, I through Leland's Popper back on and attempted the "2-hand" retrieve. About 4 or 5 casts later I saw a little swirl about 10' past my fly, kept retrieving and then saw the "jaws" wave coming up after it. I slowed down, sped up kept pulling it in all the way "jaws" never did take it, just followed it in. Don't know what it was, could have been a flounder as far as that goes but I'm guessing SRC.

Headed to Seahurst park for 45 minutes of fishing before it closed and it was absolutely low tide. Zero action to report there.

I've lived in Burien for over 35 years, fish the salt but never herd of the Burien marina...are you talking about the Des Moines marina? Or the Normandy Park Cove? Am I paying taxes on a marina I never herd of? Hmmmm....I'll be fishing Seahurst too since area 10 closed. See you on the beach!
Live in Des Moines and never heard of Burien marina. Des Moines marina is closed to fishing unless from the fishing pier and that being so high in the air would be hard to fly fish from. The Des Moines marina beach is closed to all fishing as are the docks and have been for many years now.

Jim Speaker

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Sounds like the Des Moines marina to me. Grew up there... whole lotta dock, very little beach. Burien Marina is just SE of Atlantis.


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Don't quote me... but if it IS the Des Moines Marina, I think I remember the park just to the North of the Pier as "closed to all fishing." I suppose I could look it up, but I'm too tired and lazy tonight.