Looking for inexpensive spey reels

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prolbably get laughed at for sayin it, but TICA makes some good reals for the price. they use to make reels for shimano and companies like that but have started to make their own now.

Ian Broadie

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Try the Pfluger Trion 9/10 for the switch and the 11/12 for the spey. I use both as back ups and they work just fine. Even caught a couple fish on them and they were pretty solid for 100 or so dollar cheapies. EBay will have both used for under 100 bucks and spools are only 40 to 50 bucks so it's not a big deal to get a couple spools while your at it.

My 2 cents. :beer2:
I have a black 9/10 Albright Tempest reel I would part with. Used it 2 times for Stripers and False Albacore, but its in perfect condition, no scratches or rash at all and mechanically perfect. Solid frame, cork drawbar drag, quick release spool, awesome reel....comes with original pouch and possible box/papers (would have to check on that). Cost around $325 new, would part with it for $150 + shipping. Looks like an Abel from a distance...I am only selling to upgrade TO an Abel! :thumb:

Another vote here for a J.W. Young. The 1500 series are popular for spey. I've been looking as well. I just picked up a 3.5" Beaudex on flea bay for a new 11'7" 5wt for $36 shipped.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Thanks everyone. I'm set for now. But if you guys have deals on SA's or Lamson LP's, let me know. Speydude, picked up the same real, but in the 4" frame. Love it, has that sound I love to hear (hate some of these quiet reels). Can't wait to hook one on this baby, that's for sure. :)
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