New Fly Fishing Store In Gig Harbor

Blake, I am sure I will be in to check out the store when you get it opened. There are a shortage of good shops and people running them these days, and although I dont often make it into a shop, I do like to support quality ones when i do.
I look forward to meeting you, and good luck.

colton rogers

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personally i think the business in up tow are going to run out there lease and while there doing that they'll realize that no one is buying anything from them and they will all move on. up town may be on your route and close to my house to but with a bunch of teens around{ im one of them} it might be to crowded for a fly shop b/c the parking in up town really sucks unless your parking by the movie theater

Jerry Daschofsky

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I'll definitely stop by Blake. I've seen enough of your packages go through my hands being shipped out at the UPS store, have to say hi.

Colton, you need to reread what I wrote. Wasn't talking uptown at all. Uptown is one small area in the Pt Fosdick shopping district, it isn't the whole thing. Say it this way, of my route it only takes me 30 minutes do deliver the whole Uptown area out of my 9 hour day (and that includes delivering the Multicare in that as well). So isn't much of it. I spend more time up around the Inn at GH and the Olympic Dr spur. And Uptown is getting more business then you think. There's alot of older people with money. Always people in there, and alot going there in evening. The shops that aren't doing well are the ones catering more to teens clothes but in the OUT OF THIS WORLD pricerange. If they ever get the second mall built (where the ford and chevy car lots used to be) it'll be more focused towards teens. But, the economy like it is and problems with the sewer system will put the upper mall on hold. But they are still building the small strip mall behind the Tanglewood Inn. Has a Japanese steak house slated to go in. Maybe they'll put some more "teen friendly" businesses in. But I know the owners of Uptown, don't think it'll get any stores you'd want any time soon. Unless they cave, which I doubt. But the stores are slowly filling up. By this spring, only two, maybe three, stores won't be filled. Which is more then I'd thought in just a year.
That is great news. I have really missed the Morning Hatch and Gary and the guys. I'll come in and spend money on things I don't need for sure. Good luck with the shop. It IS on my way to work fortunately!

Thanks! :thumb: That's awesome. I like having a "little guy" option in the area where I can spend my money. When I'm way down in the south sound I start feeling the gravitational pull of cabela's. :eek:
Hi guys,

It was crazy that the site was down for so long. I bet Chris was just pulling his hair out. (Chris, thanks for your hard work!)

Anyways, I'm glad I can now update you all on what's going on. We will be opening up next Sunday the 8th. We had some delays getting in some of our store supplies (displays, pegs, etc) and building the fixtures is taking forever. But we're almost done! We got a bunch of stuff coming in this week.

So starting next week we'll be open Sun-Fri 3-6pm and Sat 7am-5pm. We're just easing into this and we'll be adjusting our hours later. We'll throw a grand opening party in April.

Ron, it was great to meet you on Sunday. Thanks for letting me know about the sign up link. I didn't realize it wasn't working. We'll get it fixed when we update the site to the new url (



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For those of you that aren't aware of this, the fly shop is now open and is located at 3100 Harborview Dr, next to Spiros Pizza and across the street from the Russel building and Harbor Inn (the building that the car ran into over the summer).

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
this shop is awesome, it has so much stuff: for tying, rod, reels, line, flies, books, waders. i went in on Sunday and they had a lot of items up. i thought it was a lot but they told be that they were still talking with companies. i can't wait to be back and see all of you again. i love the shop and the owners and employees are very nice. good luck