A Dream for The Cooler Future!


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Yo All!

I just saw this on the National Forest website. Drool on for when the temps cool!


Veni, Vedi, Ceviche! :thumb

Old Man

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Them pictures are nice. I like the one on Coal Lake.I've heard some stories on that lake on what is in there. But why spoil it and just let you go there. You can drive almost all the way there.


Jay Allyn

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You just had to show me thouse lakes when I can't get to them right now 'cause I'm too busy. Waaahhhhh!!!! :bawling :bawling

Some people constently look like they are in dire need of help, winter steelhead fishermen are some of these people.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do you want to fish in that dirty river for. Below the White Chuck it starts to get dirty and below the Suaittle it really gets bad. Besides these rivers flow to fast for a dry sider. The reason for the dirty is Glacial melt flowing into the river. I've seen it run like wet cement in the summer that is coming out of the Suaittle. Aren't pictures nice,but they don't really tell the story.


P.S. I just looked at the picture after I wrote and it still doesn't look like that picture. That picture looks like Sloan Creek where the Mosquitoes are as big as Eagles. And that picture of the Foss is the one I told you about this spring.



God, I love fishing!
Wow! I just got back from fishing the Naches near Yakima. It was hotter than hades. Surprizingly, I caught quite a few fish, mostly bows. Now if I could just move my sunburned, fluid deprived body, I'd try to find a pristine lake like the one in the pic. Thanks for sharing.