Trailer suggestions for pontoon boats.

I find myself without a pickup truck for the first time since I started driving. Looking for suggestions or referrals for a nice little trailer to stack a couple pontoon boats on. 4x8 utility type trailer would be nice to use for running to Home Depot, etc. also. What do you guys use to haul your boats around? I can fit one on top of the car, but it's not ideal. Thanks.


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Same exact thing happened to me a few months ago. Had to sell my truck and for the first time in my life I am now truckless. I only have one 8ft pontoon boat, so I just got a roof rack, which has worked out great so far. Sure its not as convenient as a truck but its nice being able to drive about 3X as far on the same amount of gas. A utility trailer would be better though, especially if you haul around more than one boat. The roof rack is usually a lot cheaper ($150 vs. $500), but I imagine its possible to get a good deal on a trailer.
Right now, the Costco in East Wenatchee is selling a 4'x8' utility trailer. Check your local Costco to see if they have one their as well. I don't remember the price, but it didn't seem too bad.
For my 10 footer I bought a 4x8 utility trailer kit from Fred Meyer. The price was somewhere around $180. It only took a few hours to put together following the directions, plus $40 in lumber and a few more hours to modify the bed to fit my boat.

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Like I tell everyone (think I told cup too I think) that best way to go is the 4x8 utility trailers. Great ways to get a cheap pontoon boat hauler. But another good route is a driftboat trailer. I bought a used one and modified it. Works good too. But cheaper then having one custom built or buying a true "raft/cataraft" trailer which will run you about $1k.
Thanks for the advice guys. Went over to Fred Meyer and scoped out their trailer. They had a 4x8 foldable with small wheels/tires for $229. Looked like it would do well for shorter trips, but wondering if a guy would want to take it at highway speeds+ for a long haul? Got a couple more to check out too.

Thanks again

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You'll be fine with that trailer. Actually, what you can do is take those small tires off and put larger one's on. This will actually slow the axle down. But you will do fine. My old driftboat trailer had small tires identicle to the one's on the utility trailers (I wondered what kind of driftboat was on this thing). I towed my cat on it before I restored it all over the O.P. without a problem.


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I had the same trailer for two years....paid 299.00 for it at Harbor Freight. Wheels were fine for long distances. I used it as a dirtbike trailer and hauled two bikes all over the place: dirt roads, highways, biways, whatever. The only problem I ever had was one wheel bearing wore out. Other than that it worked great and was soooo lightweight you could unhook it and park it by hand. I personally think it would work perferct for pontoons boats :professor :7

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I bought that same trailer from Fred Meyer several years ago for $200. I can tell you from experience that the fender brackets do not hold up over time when the trailer is used on bumpy roads. I replaced them when they both broke off at the bend a couple years after my purchase, and they promptly broke again, due to vibration, I'm sure. Other than that, I've been happy with mine, and I use the thing fenderless, which I'm guessing is against the law, but whadda ya gonna do? :dunno
Great info guys. Thanks for the Harbor Freight idea Patrick. They have the identical trailer Fred Meyer has and it's on sale with 12" wheels for $239. Plus I can get a spare tire for $50. And it is free shipping. Wahoo! An added bonus since I don't know how I'd get the trailer home to put together anyway! A bunch of people are selling the same trailers on eBay for $270-300.

Here's the link:

Appreciate all the ideas. Going to order from Harbor Freight later today.

Patrick- I sent you an e-mail about the Sage SP+ 8wt. Lemme know if you're still interested. Later
Just wanted to update this thread for anyone else interested in a trailer for their pontoon. I ended buying from Harbor Freight and got one with 12" tires (vs. 8" at Fred Myer and Costco)and a spare. The have the same trailer on sale right now for $199, but I don't know how much shipping is.

I added a raised (3 1/2") plywood deck since my boat wouldn't quite fit between the fenders. I can slide the oars between the platform and it works pretty slick. Took it to the Grand Ronde last October from Seattle and it towed great!

Thanks again for all the advice. Here's a pic:


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That's a good looking rig Zug! The bigger tires are definately desirable and the spare is well out of the way. It looks like you still have room for a storage box on front to hold wet gear, anchors, etc. Nice job, Ive
I'm a welder and I love to jerry rig stuff. Right now my pontoon is on top of my truck and shell. Works nice. But I'm looking for a light weight 8' camper and I'm going to peddle my 19 foot trailer.
I thought about building a frame that would hinge to my back bumper. You put the boat near the rear. Then you put the frame on top of it. You lash the two together. Then you raise the frame (which, you must remember, is attached to the bumper on a hinge) to a vertical position and off you go. The toon is in back of the camper in a vertical position and is only a foot or so above the roof. Go somewhere.
Then you go back up to the water. Lower the frame. Unlash the toon and your good to go.
I think I'll make the whole frame so that one end of it slides into my hitch. Then I can take the whole thing off by just removing a pin. Set the toon and its frame up against a wall until needed.
Is this a million dollar idea or what?
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My question:

How are ya gonna get through the drive through at McDonalds when you get your McMuffin on the way to a fishin destination??? :+

I thought I was the only one that thinks up crazy contraptions...