line recommendations for T&T DH 1307-3

Anyone have any recommendations for grain wts. on a skagit and scandi Airflo heads for these.
The ones I have currently are Skagit 540 and Scandi 510.
Will these work?

Thanks in advance...


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You can make just about anything 'work' in the skagit world. There are some guys that swear by a skagit up to 650 on this rod. Others down in the 450 range. Airflo skagit compact 480 seems to come up more often as a solid match. Give your 540 a try and see what you like. The rod has plenty of power to handle it. Depends on how you like the rod to feel.

I have fished my buddies 1307 quite a bit and really like the fit of a 480 scandi compact and a 510 skagit compact. The 7/8 Powerspey is a good choice for a longer belly line. Congratulations on getting a kick ass rod. The 540 will work just fine on that rod though.
I have a relaxed casting style so I think the higher grain heads might just slow it down to a good pace for me.
Mike...just got a Vosseler S3 to pair up with this from Tim the other day. The reel seat on the T&T and the titanium colored S3 look like they were made for each other. Also got a Decho 7 from him which is what these lines were originally meant to match. Liked the Decho but I had the opportunity to buy this T&T new for under 5 bills so I went for it. Since the Decho is slower than this 1307 and I was ok with these heads on it I dont think they will be too heavy for me on the T&T but I am new to spey casting so what do I know.
In my opinion the Compact 540 seems a little heavy but is very usable. My favorite line for the 1307 T&T is the Delta 7/8 which is 530 grains and 52' long this includes the tip of course.


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The 1307 is a great, versatile rod.

I currently throw the Skagit compact 570 on the rod and it goes like a mutha', but the 540 works well, too. If you have a more relaxed casting style, the 540 may be a bit more forgiving. This rod is listed as a 7wt but has the power/castability of more like a strong 8wt.

The Delta Spey on this rod is great as is an AFS 520gr (an 8/9 AFS I believe).

This rod can pretty much do it all, summer or winter. With your relaxed casting style, just remember that hard forward stops are a rule with this rod, as it's a pretty "tippy" rod. So, you may have to adjust your timing a bit.

I'll bite!

The Delta 7/8 is the line that makes 1307 sing in harmony with the caster. If you are new to this-speycasting, this combination will shallow the learning curve. Enjoy the new rod, you've choose wisely!

Remember, there's no bad rod, they're just lined improperly. This secret can take a long time to come to grip's with.

What about my 510 compact scandi....think that will work?
I bought both the 540 skagit and 510 scandi to go with a Decho 7 and then decided to move to the 1307

I hope this rod won't be too fast for my style. I have been told the decho would have been easier to learn on.
I have casted 1307 and its great with a Compact 450. If you back off the gas its a cannon with lighter lines. The rod will handle more weight, and choosing the right head will depend on your casting style more than what fits the rod best.


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I use a 450 skagit on mine when I use lighter sink tips or floaters and 550's for winter and heavy tips,big flies and take it slow. I also like 6/7/8 w/c and 7/8/9 wc. Your lines will work fine,just experiment. This rod can just about do everything. My GO-TO rod. Great rod to get someone started also.I've even landed a hog chum as it's got the backbone when needed.

The two lines you've bought will get you started. I know it's difficult, trying to make sense of all this stuff. And once you do get it (understanding) or you think you get it, try explaining why all that money had to be spent, to the wife!

Hang in there the T&T will pay huge dividends in the future.


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Like William mentioned, this rod can handle a grain window of about 180 grains. I personally like it best with a mid-belly 6/7 line (i.e RIO MidSpey or PowerSpey, Airflow Delta Long, etc.) and find the 7/8 short and mid-belly lines overload the rod for me. But then again, I like a fast recovering, stiffer, crisp rod that doesn't bend to the bottom of the rod unless I'm making a really long cast.
Thanks to all for the great info.! Sounds like the best thing to do is just get out and experiment til I find the weight that feels right to me.
I should have the rod on luck would have it my local river (a few blocks away) is closing this Sunday....bummer.


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im throwing a beulah elixir switch 8/9 cut back from the front 5' to 26' @ 466 grains. its more or less a "multi tool" of a line, throwing everything from sz 10's on a 14' intermediate poly to 2 inch bunnies on 14' of extra super fast sink or t-11. for big stuff i go to the 510 compact skagit and for floaters and skating the 480 compact scandi.
other lines that ive also matched up are the 6/7 powerspey @ 505 grains, the guideline power taper 8/9 cut 5' off the BACK, and the new ballistic express (available through the CND distributors at at 38' and 470 grains.