Munn Lake

Went to work early and then left even earlier to hit Munn Lake to give the WDFW plants a try. Got to the lake about 9:30 after getting lost down that way. Its a nice small lake. C&R about 12 and missing couple more. Used BH WB then switched to BWorms that I tied. I never had patients to do this before and thought I would give it a try. Not much wind so it worked with count down of 60 longest seconds in my life. I am so used to stripping and kicking to keep warm.
With the plant, lots of others on the lake but was not over crowded. Great day with the sun out. Had to leave by 3:00 to drive back to Seattle. Wife signed us up for dance class. I think I would rather have taken a fly tying class instead for that much money. Humm, need a right foot also instead of two left feet.