Trailer Project.... Some before and "in work" pics

This next tidbit is some in work pics..... new fenders, holes cut, flush mounted signal lights.... New clevis mount with safety chains, and new tongue..... We also ground the frame down to get some of the rust off.

First the fenders,


Here are some progress pics and a pic of my "tow rig"

Clearly you can see that my tow rig is "reliable" "eco friendly" economical and practical. It has a granola dispenser in the back and the tires are made from recycled styrofoam.


That's gonna be a whole new trailer man. Nice fender work and I love the way those flush mount lights look with the fender style. I think the tail light is technically required to have a light on the side as well though, am I wrong? My drifter trailer just has the rear light, not the side facing one, and I worry about getting pulled over - it would take a real bastard to pull over for something like that though.
I believe youre right, but those LEDs "broadcast" a hell of alot of light, im assuming you can see it from the side. I also have two 15 led "strips" that are going to mount under the roller flush against the back. Maybe I can find some slick looking side markers but if not, im really not worried about it......

In fact........... let me be the first to say this.........

Calderonics 101
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