(NFR) I'm Moving to Chicago

Here it is! The worst or the best day a military member could ever have. A good friend of mine Im's me on the computer. Where is Calmulet Harbor, I reply near Chicago, IL are you going there? His reply, no you are!, your orders are on the board. I got up, sat down , got up and almost fell to the ground not breathing. Wanted to yell, CALL 911 but couldn't.

So I will be moving to USCG Station Calumet Harbor, report date June 1st 2009. Over two hundred search and rescue cases, close to 1,000 Law enforcement Boardings a year. Fast paced Coast Guard unit. I will be the Engineering Petty Officer (MKC) at the Unit for four years.

My question is, does anyone have any info in the area of fishing and hunting?

On another note, I want to thank every person I have met or talked to on the site. I will be regulary checking while I am up there. So if anyone has good info please pass it my way. I know I will get some info from the guys there.

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I don't have any info on Chicago for you other than there is a large lake near by, but I will say "Best of luck to you and thanks for your service".

Ed Call

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I will also thank you for your service. I grew up about 3 to 3.5 hours from Chicago in Northeast IN. I knew a lot of places to fish there (non fly gear) but great fishing in some spots. I loved Chicago, there will be much besides work for you to do. I wish I knew about the fishing there, but I have no such information. Best of luck to you.


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Lake Michigan has great pacific salmon and steelhead fishing plus walleye, and giant brown trout. Some of the finest spring creeks in the world are in the Wisconsin Dalles. There is excellent small and large game hunting in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Pennisula (UP) of Michigan. And there are large and smallmouth bass, panfish, pike and musky. Enjoy.

mike doughty

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head about 60 or so miles south to racine, wisconsine and fish the root river. good steelheading and some nice browns in there as well. i only fished it once but had a blast.

Old Man

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head about 60 or so miles south to racine, wisconsine and fish the root river. good steelheading and some nice browns in there as well. i only fished it once but had a blast.
I believe that Racine is north of Chicago.

So Mike, do you know how to read a compass, or do you just stumble around in the dark.

Head into the North Suburbs of Chicago and find a Lou Malnattis pizza parlor, you'll find out that what you thought was pizza before was a very poor imitation!!
Good Luck!


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get ready for C-O-L-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday it was 13, or so my old buddy reported via email.

the rivers around grayling, MI are the first ones i would choose to explore. used to have great runs of salmon and steelhead. this is one introduction of a foreign species that seems to have taken hold. with as may aelwives as there used to be in the great lakes, apparently a ready made food source was waiting for those anadramous fishes.

pennsylvania is not very far from that location. the spring creeks in that state are famous, read some of the older trouting books. does the yellow britches ring a bell?

and don't overlook the anadramous fishing all along the way. rocky river, ohio is a landmark for'yah.

pheasant hunting is king in southern indiana as well as illinois. getting access could be a major issue which will require due dilligence on your part but it should be possible. the only 'big game' i know about folks hunting are white tail deer and turkey.

be carefull out there, this is not puget sound. the lakes are mean and as nasty as the strait. the difference for you are the sheer number of idiots you will be forced to deal with combined with long and ugly winters. i move to the PNW in 1960 from chgo and never looked back.

all the best to'yah.
Life brings strange twists and turns. Embrace each one, you'll be better off for it!

As for the winters, yeah, long and hard. Makes the PNW seem like Palm Springs. Spent a winter in Port Huron, MI. Didn't much care for it at the time, but, in retrospect, a pretty cool experience.

Stay in touch, we'll be looking for some fishing reports!

Erik F. Helm

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You will be two hours from the Milwaukee River, three hours from the Sheboygan (steelhead) salmon and lake run browns. This is in Wisconsin. You will be close to the kankakee River good smallmouth bass fishing. (Illinois) The harbor will provide good nearshore browns and salmon.
For trout, you will be about 4 hours from some of the best spring creek fishing in the world in southwest Wisconsin.
You may want to stay away from the Root river...snagfest and full of goons...combat fishing.

Oh...and you might want to try your hand at muskie fishing.
Or...there are carp on some of the limestone flats of Lake Michigan. These often run to 20 pounds plus, and will run 250 yards of backing in less than 20 seconds. Midwest bonefish.