Pattern chum fryceiver tube - synthetic

The wing is slinky hair blended in the Kenny Abrames manner - combination of olive, sea blue and pink with a smattering of electric blue angel hair blended throught the mix.

The underbody is a small bit of bright red super hair. Over the red is a sparse amount of slinky hair in the 'shrimp' color.


Sweet tie .:thumb:

What synthetic hair did you use ?
Thanks Thomas

My local river (The Thompson) does`nt have Chum fry , but we do get Sockeye & Chinook fry . Should be able to adapt your pattern quite easily .
The only other marginally tricky bit is the tail. I use two different colors, both green and natural grizzly. I've been putting the green inside the grizzy but may switch it up. Green and rootbeer or brown might also be cool based on what you're imitating.

These are nice for using the tips of hackle feathers that are too long to be suited for flatwings. If the tip feathers aren't quite stiff enough, a small hank of bucktail or a stiff synthetic run down the middle of the tube seems to help with hook fouling.