Alright you spey bums...fill me in here???

Let me gain clarification on dates here??

I saw a spey rod on ebay for less than $200. It's a St. Croix, 14ft, 9wt. I like the 9wt. since this will only be used for the big waters we have on the O.P. Give me some good vibes and it's a done deal. But, if caution is suggested, then I'm still looking. I put a lot of trust in you guys!
Bob, the Speyless one.
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Let me gain clarification on dates here??

Oh man you guys, I have the family reunion this weekend. Not going to make it to Ben Howard if I'm at confluence state park this weekend.

I have that St. Croix you can try and a few others. We should hook up later and let you play with them. I wouldn't buy another St Croix, but go to the Spey Clave if you can and try some of those others. If I were to do it again I'd buy a Sage 9140 on ebay instead of the St. Croix. Try to target about half retail, but there is always some bozo bidding 400 or better for them. Sometimes though, there will be a sleeper come through that never gets above 300 or so. Personally I think a brand new yellow line Loop 8124 for 380 would be the ticket for a beginner. But it is not a beginner rod.


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OK, just as a final reminder. We will see some collection of you lot at Ben Howard on the Sky at 10 am on Saturday. Here's hoping some of you will show up and do some casting. Otherwise, Speybum and I are going fishing.


Jerry Daschofsky

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I'm hoping to come Aaron. Got my kids sprung on me (my ex wife is bringing them home a week early). So, depends on them. Not sure they want to sit and watch their Dad WATCH a speyclave. LOL. But I'm hoping to show up.
Oh Shoot oh dear

An office move, phase of the moon, and availability of movers has messed this up for me. Jim, your donuts will be in Bothell. Hope all have a good time.


Jerry Daschofsky

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WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

I did a search for Ben Howard, and got the road. I assume it's there in Monroe (I don't usually fish up that way so not familiar). If someone reads this in the AM, please verify. Will double check before I leave. Gonna show up for sure now.


PS, I'm coming from Tacoma.
WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

For those of you who haven't been to a spey clave, I highly recommend going! It's an excellent chance to learn how to cast a spey rod for free! I've been to two of Aaron's spey claves so far, and they've been excellent. I learned how to spey cast at one back in December... Wish I could go to this one, but I have a meeting with some pink salmon on the beach. have a blast!


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Jerry Daschofsky

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WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

Ok, found the directions. But, had a mishap this AM. Thanks to my ex. She called and said she may have to drop kids off this AM. Finally she called around 1pm saying she wouldn't have to. So, maybe next time.
I thought this little shindig turned out pretty good. Speybum and Speyman, thanks for making it official and bringing the try rack. I never pass up the opportunity to cast a few new rods. The Loops and CNDs were pretty sweet. I hope the beginners there learned a little bit, despite the wind.


Old Man

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Well I enjoyed it although I didn't try out any rods. I guess I don't want people to see me making a ass out of myself. I just can't seem to get myself committed to a spey rod. I probably just need a nudge but it hasen't come yet(the nudge). I learned about the waking fly thing and how to apply the riffle hitch. SO even though I didn't do the Spey rod thing it was an enjoyable time.

And Bart I didn't even miss the donuts.

I would like to thank those of you who showed up the Mini-Clave.
I always enjoy casting and the coaching.
Always learn some thing my own same self.
Old Man any time you want some coaching let me know.
We are looking toward September for another one.
Thanks again guys.