Fast action rod blanks - Rainshadow RX8 or ???


I would replace my RX8 with an FT because of all the reviews I have read about FTs and I like trying new rods. Now if Kristin were to give me an RX8+ based solely on my good looks, I would probably go with that blank. I have a 10' 7 wt. FT which is my go to beach rod and a DC 8' 4 wt. FTL (Fast Taper Light) which is my go to rod for crick fishin which if I had to replace I would go with a DC 8' 4 wt. FTL (Fast Taper Light). Both the 10' FT and FTLs are said to be slower than the 9' FTs. By how much I can't personally say.




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Richard - The Rainshadow RX8+ is a very fast action blank. I've got a built out 6 wt at the shop that you are welcome to test out to see if you like it.

BTW - the Rainshadow blank series is made in the US, its the Baston's Forecast lineup that is made overseas.
I built an RX-8+ up at AATF with Ron and really like the action. I currently have a 6wt Steelhead taper for it and a Teeny 200 integrated sinktip for some streamer action.

Definiltely a very nice blank! I cast a Dan Craft on the Yakima about a month ago and it was very sweet. I don't remember the exact blank, but it was Jeff C's rod and maybe he'll chime in.