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This is a Phil Bolger designed boat called the Nymph. My version is rigged for fishing with anchor provisions front and rear. In other configurations it is an able sailor with the addition of a leeboard and rudder. Google 'Phil Bolger's Nymph' for lots more information.

Made entirely of 1/4" plywood the hull is completely glassed and epoxied. The lengthwise thwart is of clear old growth fir. I am including an adjustable sports seat that can be placed wherever the sweet spot for rowing turns out to be.

The boat is in near new condition and just refinished outside. It is a little too tippy for an old guy but fine for someone younger. It would make a good pond boat or could easily be converted to a day sailor. I have plans for the sail, mast, leeboard, etc.

$250 for the hull with seat and oarlocks. I have oars that are 7' long and perhaps a little too long for the boat but would throw those in for another $50.

Email me if you have questions.




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1. Yes, I live near Ione

2. The boat is designed for one person but like many small sailboat tenders it can carry two and some supplies when necessary. The lengthwise thwart makes it easy for two to balance the boat.

3. The dog is negotiable. We live a ways off of the beaten path up a narrow road and somehow she found her way to our front porch on Jan 25. She had burrowed under a rug to keep warm as it was 9 degrees outside. She was starved, dirty, her ears filthy and near death. But damned cute, sweet and very savvy. She would not come in the house for the first 23 days so I had to try to keep her alive in all that cold. I built a doghouse for her out of a Dell computer box, lined it with microfleece and covered it all around with thermal blankets and old sleeping bags. Still she shivered so I warmed 8'' x 16'' bricks on the woodstove and wrapped them in towels for her to lay against/on. At some point she decided to come in and be part of the family. She got bathed and her ears cleaned out and began to regain her strength. She is stone deaf. You can bump into her with the vacuum cleaner before she even knows it is near. So we can't call her, we have to get her attention some other way.

She is so short-her legs look more like teapot legs. When the big dogs come in for the usual butt-sniffing she is out of luck. She looks up at my 120# Anatolian and has about as much chance of sniffing him as a dwarf has of dunking a basketball.

Fortunately she is not a yappy dog or I would have had her put down immediately. She is almost completely silent until she wants out or fed. And since I saved her life she is completely devoted to me. She loves to ride in the car and when I go to the barn she has to come along. Needless to say power equipment doesn't bother her so she sleeps through it all.

I'm not sure Susie would let me give her away at this point but as old folks on a fixed income we are now 2 dogs over the limit. I can't imagine her finding a better home than she has now though. All dogs should have it this good.

Somebody needs to buy this boat!!!! If it doesn't sell soon Ivans wife is going to drag it out into the yard and plant petunias in it.:eek::eek:
I have seen this boat and it a real beauty Ivan is a real stickler for quality so I can vouch for the quality of the pram.
I would have bought it already but I am one of those "old guys" that probably needs something with a flatter bottom.
As the proud owner of a custom-built plywood pram (a ten-footer) since 1972, I can tell you that it's the lucky man's way to fish smaller lakes. A boat this size is easily car-topped or carried in a pickup bed, and it allows as much pride of ownership as your bespoke bamboo rod. By comparison, fishing from a belly boat is like clinging to wreckage. Somebody with a spare $250, grab it!
Hi Ivan,
That is a "sweet" boat, wish I could have found one like that 15-20 years ago, now I have some of the same limitations you have. How's the snow up your way, we just got rid of the last in our yard about a week ago. Heavy winds lately, last night it really blew from the north and now Banks is pretty clear except broken ice in the boat basin. As late as last week the Russians were still on the ice all night fishing for white fish, and whatever. Ice left Dry Falls last week also. Have a Great Season !!
Tight lines,
DAMNIT - I was just about to buy it "just cuz..." -- I know I'd use that for lake fishing and love it. DAMNIT :beathead:

If for any reason Norseman does not buy this boat, I'm second dibs man. Beautiful - I'll make room if I have the opportunity.


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Jim, good to hear from you, I'm glad the snow is finally gone over your way. It snowed here again today-3 days in the past week but the new stuff is gone now. The rest of the snow around the place will hopefully be gone by May but at best it will be late April before the last pile melts. Thanks to you and all the others who complimented my boat. I hope she does her new owner proud and finds a good home.

I'll start a new boat right away and hope to lavish it with good workmanship and lots of utility. I want a wide stable platform to stand up in and cast and also a comfortable place to sit and soak bobbers when chironomids are all that is working. I have a plan that I have widened by 6'' and added 2'' of freeboard. Should be a dandy little boat and will probably be built trolling motor ready.

I hope you get out and catch some fish pretty soon. If I get over that way I'll stop by. Take good care, Ive
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