Selling Sage Rods

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I have 3 rods for sale

Sage 490 DS

Sage 690 DS

Sage 990 DS

All two piece and in good condition.

Rod tubes included.

Shoot me a PM if interested.

It turns out I didn't know what the market value of those rods were....

Sage 490, 690 and 990 DS.

My new price is $100 for each, rod tubes included.

I also have a Redington RS3 - 9'-0" 8wt - 4piece for $100

Let me know if you're interested.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I wanted the 9wt. Haven't heard back from him since I told him I wanted them. I really didn't need the 9wt, but would've been a great backup for my 9wt.
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