CCA Donation Rod

Ethan G.

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So after a while of waiting for decals and such, I have finally finished my rod to be auctioned at the CCA Kitsap banquet on April 11th. So here it is. A 9' 8wt. Rainshadow RX7. Wraps are garnet with silver double-band inlays on the strippers and silver single-turn trim bands on the snake guides. Enjoy!:thumb:

Full view of the rod

Wrap on the locking ring of the reel seat

A decal donated by Robert Farrand. Props to him for his generous donation. Shameless plug: check out his website for Split Cane Blanks

Close-up of the stripper wraps

Close-up of the ferrule wraps

Go forth and bid on this rod to help out CCA! One of you lucky bastards will go home with it. :beer1:

Big E

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Awesome job and props to you sell rods you make as well or do you just do it for a hobby?

Better question yet...are you gonna teach me?

Ethan G.

I do science.. on fish..
Thanks for the comments guys.

Big E- I've thought about selling them, but just never got around to it. I'll teach you if you want to learn. Rod building is an awesome hobby to supplement the addiction. :rofl:
How long does it take to build a rod?(about how long)
ive wanted to try it and i woudld like to know how i start off and or where i can get a book or directions on how to do it?

nice rod!


Ethan G.

I do science.. on fish..
It really only takes a couple hours, minus epoxy drying time, to complete a rod. There's plenty of places to get info on rod building, I like when I need to get some info from the real pros. That and there's a really good article that takes you step-by-step through the process; from selecting a blank and components, to wrapping and applying the epoxy finish.

Rob Ast

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What do you use for epoxy application (brush, spatula, coffee stirrer, other) and what epoxy are you using? The edges of your epoxy look much cleaner than I have been able to achieve. I like your wrapping of the slider ring on the reel seat to match the guide wraps - classy.
Everyone is looking for nice rods for a good price. You should think of sale them. They are very nice rods, by the pictures they are some of the nicest I've seen. You should take orders on the classifieds. Keep up the good work. If you would be willing to do a glass rod P.M. me.