How Many Winter-Run Steelhead???

James Mello

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Lemme see... 15-20? times, 11 fish to hand... Considering I went from Oct through mid Jan without a fish, I ended up finishing strong...

Chris Puma

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I'd also be curious to see how many people were floating or using sleds vs. walk and wading.

Should there be a higher success rate on the former?
Since the New Year, 11 days on the Skagit and Sauk. Walk and wade only with my single hander...... 0 steelhead.

But that'll change this weekend. I can feel it. It's gonna happen. Yes it will.
15-20 trips not counting my one hour micro excursions to the local river before or after work. Been pretty ok this winter, going 7 for 8 and having caught a nice 18# Sol Duc Native was definitely the highlight. I spent about 1/2 those trips in Oregon waters.



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Been out chasing winter steel about 6 times up here in BC on the Vedder River. Swinging flies each time. No fish to hand, though I *may* have had one quick pull in late-February. lol

Hoping to get out once or twice more, but we'll have to wait and see.
Okay, some great numbers put up there. Nice work boys! Now how many on the swing and how many nymphing or indicator sticking? That has me really curious. Coach
Geez.. I must be fishing the wrong rivers.

1 for 1 since 01/01/09.

~5 three hour trips and 2 half day excursions.

95% swinging.

PS: I like the idea of an unofficial WFF steelhead creel survey thread for each season/major river - would be very useful info, not to know when or where to fish, but to get an idea of how the season was and how your personal experience stacks up.


I'll add my data points for the original poster...

Since November, 7 trips, 22 fish. All walk in fishing, no floating. 21 of the 22 were nymphing, 1 on the swing. Pretty lucky this season as I landed at least 1 fish on every trip.

Most memorable would be a 35" fish that fought harder then any other I've caught. Took me downriver through some hairy water and bank access.

Attached are the 35" buck and a bright hen from the same trip.