Swap Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Ed Call

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Dang you guys are like a bunch of little girls. I thought that a week day would be a better option than a weekend but since it is an open discussion...

I'm okay for whatever works the best for the most. Remember this is a swap with a twist and it might take another level of committment, plan alignment and such. Keep the preferences flowing.

Would a meeting nearer the ferry on Bainbridge or in Kingston be better for those traveling from the outer reaches of Kitsap and from across the pond? Just thinking in print.

Ed Call

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Two items for a simple majority decision...

1) We will meet face to face to hand over flies on Wednesday May 13th or Friday May 15th at 6pm.

2) We will meet in downtown Poulsbo at Voodiez or in downtown Winslow at Doc's on agreed upon date from above at 6pm.

I know the variable of making this face to face will make this take a bit more planning and committment. I appreciate everyone for entering and coming up with a best for most solution.

The OUT CLAUSE...if you can't meet on the date selected then you must coordinate an earlier meeting with me. I'll probably still buy you a beer if there is time. I'll then hand your flies out when the majority group meets. Thanks again.

Ed Call

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Rob, at what market did you buy that avatar fish? Although Friday is not the apparent first choice it seems doable by most that have posted a reply thus far. I'll await to hear from more of our swappers. If that Friday, the 15th of May does not work for you speak up now please.

Ed Call

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Who the hell elected you guys in charge? Okay the freaking date is Friday the 15th of May. The time is 6pm. The location is Voodies on Front Street in Poulsbo. If anyone need directions just send a PM to D3Smartie. If he's not available then you can PM me. If you are taking a ferry to Kingston expect a 20 minute drive from the ferry dock. If you are taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island you can expect a 15 minute drive. Drink responsibly please. See you all that Friday. Anyone not able to make it must contact me in advance so you can come and meet me face to face and hand over your ties. After we all meet I'll arrange a second meeting to get you the good stuff.

By the way, the service at Voodiez is great, plenty of room. You can bring your travel tying kit too. If you are travelling with young ones they are welcome there until about 8 or 8:30 and the bar severs some very nice table fare too.

Let the bitching be silenced. I told you to get to tying.


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anyone who brings a car across on a friday night is insane...
SO, i will offer to pick anyone who wants to walk on at the B.I. ferry dock off the 4:40 ferry from Seattle. Likely dropping you back off at the 8:10 or 8:55 ferry...