Hardy Cascapedia MKII or Loop Classic.

This is the year I get more into swinging flies. Period.

That being said, I have affinity for the old "s handled" reels. I cannot afford a collector model, and I plan on fishing the reel that I buy often.

That Being said Which is the better of the two? I know the loop is a few hundred dollars more, and they are both made in (wait for it) korea.

Which would you buy and why


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From what I've heard the Spey Reel Company reels are pretty sweet, cheaper (dollar-wise) than the ones you mention and made in the USA. They might be on back order, but I'd lean towards those babies.

I bought the Hardy a month back and since returned it. It's fit and finish, bothered me, not that I wasn't going to ding it up. If care hadn't gone into the fit and finish, I figured, what else could go wrong. It's a heavy beast as well and if your building the ultimate summer outfit, this is the wrong reel. Never used it so really can't say how it performs other wise. James.


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I have had three MK II's in my hands and none of them showed any 'fit and finish' problems. However all three were English made. With such a drastic price drop (compared to the Bougle) since going to Korea maybe something had to give. $475 is the current price for the 10/11. Certainly not without faults (but what is???)...that is still quite a lot of reel for the $$$.

Weight is going to be present in any classic 'S' crank salmon reel with a mechanical drag.


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Both times in the last year that I have fished with guys with Hardy reels (one was a knock off) they have failed them due to actual breakage and not at all from poor care.

Generally they are considered bulletproof.
The funny thing about all of this is that I could get a Litespeed and an extra spool for danm near the same price. And NEVER have I heard of a problem with lamson.

I am an idiot for liking that classic, sexy look.


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Do you need more than a spring and pawl drag, or do you just want one?

If an "S" handle is a requisite, then you're probably gonna' have to pay the premium. As rediculous as the used Hardy prices are, the Hardy Viscount Salmon reel is a practical and moderately priced alternative. No "S" handle tho.



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I have an 811 Classic and I love it. Haven't had any problems with it at all, but I'm pretty careful not to get sand and stuff in it. I have heard of the clicker going out on other guys but apparently even if that happens the drag still works and you can fish it. It sounds really sweet with a fish on, too!
If money is no object, then I would go with the Loop. I have never held either one, but I think the Loop looks nicer and more like the real thing. You can get the MkII shipped to your door for around $365 for the 8/9 from a UK vender. That price is based on the current exchange rate. I don't think you could touch the Classic for any where near that price. Hell, you could get 2 Hardy's for the price of the Loop. These are both a little heavier reels. Both the MkII 8/9 and the Loop 79 weigh in at around 12 oz. You have not said what rod it would be intended for, but I think anything smaller than a 14 footer and a 12 oz reel might be too heavy to get a good balance. But that is really a personal preference.

I would tend to agree with Salmo and ask if you really need or just want more than a click pawl. You could get a brand new Bougle shipped to your door for the same price as the Cascapedia and I think they are plenty sexy. But it's all personal preference.

By the way, here is a discussion on another forum about comparing the two.

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i have a loop evotech HD, and have played with the classic. i really liked the classic, the price was a bit much for me. that being said i adore my evotech, and the classic felt every bit as smooth. both of them felt stout enough to bludgeon a angry bear without ill effects. and you dont see many used ones up for sale thats for sure
Point taken decoy. You sure dont see too many for sale used.

By the way, thanks to all for your suggestions. I should mention that I plan on using the reel on a scott Arc 1287 and a Ls2 1408. Delta 8/9 and a skagit 550