Swap Stonefly/Salmonfly/Goldenstone Swapnasty

Keaten LaBrel

Formerly Tyinbugs
Looks like I missed the Yak summerstone/terr. swap anyone in for a Stonefly/Salmonfly/Goldenstone swap. The swap would be one stonefly nymph and one dry (either Salmonfly or Goldenstone). would like to get 10 ppl in on this one but anywhere from 6-12 ppl. would be fine...due date would be determined after enough swapees join!:beer2:

1. me
2. ozcast
3. stewart
4. joeh

Ed Call

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Great point. Most of our flies are in already and we're gonna be getting some extras back. Why not take some of those extras?


New Member
Rumor has it the Provo is loaded with stones this year. I need some new patterns in my box. I will
whip up a few goldenstone foam dries and some sort of rubber legs nymphs.