another lowland lake with pics

I didn't want to join the crowds on any of the opening day lakes Saturday, so I picked out a little lowland lake that is open year round and had it to myself. It rained most of the afternoon as I kicked around looking for fish, catching a few coastal cutts in the process. Towards evening, the clouds finally cleared and the sun broke through creating some glorious scenes, which I tried to capture on what passes for film these days. The sunshine and glassy lake surface put an end to the catching, however. I caught a few during the rain, mostly on a leech pattern fished deep.



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Geez, Richard! You sure have some serious zipper-lip waters you fish! That is one hella fat cutt you got yourself there in the last pic. Beautiful fish, all!

--Dave E.
Ahh, GregA, another bamboo fan fooled by Sage's Fli 'vintage' color graphite! I would like to fish bamboo some day, but it's a bit rich for my tastes at this point.

Nice fish, huh, Tim. Reminds me of a certain lake we fished last fall. I don't think this particular lake has either numbers of average size of that lake, however.


Greg Armstrong

Yep, fooled me alright - just like you fooled that nice cutt into taking your fly! Sure is a nice fish.
If you want to get into a really nice bamboo rod for not a lot of bucks, look for a Granger, Heddon or what was known as a trade rod built by Edwards for any number of old tackle shops like Abercrombie and Fitch or LL Beans. These were/are really great tapers and are really a lot of fun to fish with. You can still find them full length with original socks and tubes and an extra tip for around $350 if you look. Greg
Nice fish Richard, I can only dream of cutts that size.
The only cutts we have here on the dry side are planted or the little wild ones in the headwaters.
Damn nice fish!!!!
B E A U tiful lake you got there Richard! I guess I need to spend some more time with my nose in the TOPOS! Of couirse the fish is quite attractive in its on right :thumb: