Pass lake : Sunday Morning

Sunday morning we arived at the lake at about 8am. We were one of the first people on the lake. My buddy and I Hooked up a couple wooly buggers to troll to the weed bed. As we left, half way down, My forgets his net so he had to go back. Nothing like starting out all excited to fish and you have to go back for a net. Finally we got out to the bed and anachored at about 10ft. we both threw towards the weed edge. In about a hour I hook up with a rainbow. I was using a # 12 or #14 black choronimnd w/red rib. We decided to move after a while. Of course our next favorite spot was at the "Farm House" In the little bay. Again, achored at 10ft w/a nine foot leader, we casted towards shore. I would let the drop and then slowing move the fly in. Its a pretty constant movement not as slow as you think.The movment was the key. I must have caught 7 fish and had as many hits. I also tried slowly trolling the choroimind through that area and hooked up again. My buddy had it a little harder, only catching one fish. We ended back at the weed patch. this time the sun light was at our back and I could see the bottom at about 8ft. I threw again next to the edge of the weeds, slowlly bringing it in hooked up with another Rainbow. Great day!
I have been to Pass Lake a lot through out the years, bu i never had a day like that.
All the fish were from 12" to 17" and some of them even jumped. We are getting ready for our Annual trip to Kamloops at the end of May. It's nice to get some practice in.
By the way, it's good to see the lake clean. I notice for at least 2 years, there was a UGLY algae bloom. "Green Soup Sucks"