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  1. Even though the past few weeks/days weather wise makes it seem more like 100 days we're down to 46 to what I believe is the best time to be in the woods!

    Have a crazy idea to use (depending on pattern) my grandfather's Savage single shot 20 this year for the hell of it. Last three seasons I've not had a shot over 25 yards at a Tom, so I'm thinking it is plausible. My luck a bird will hang up at 35 bawling:

    Anyone here hunt the big birds with a 20? Got any advice on ammo to start off buying first to pattern with?
  2. I tried a few different brands and chokes and the Kent Ultimate Fast Lead worked quite well in my 12ga. The 20 ga. would be worth a go. Reasonable price too compared to some of the turkey loads on the market.
  3. I used to bring down geese with an old JC Higgins single 20, it shoots a 3" mag.
    I heard an ole guy talking about turkey loads, he said a high base with #8's or 7.5's
    Reasoning was more lead at close range. Makes sense to me.
    O'ya, big bird at 35 yds, ya better have a cannon.
  4. My son has killed several Toms with a single shot 20 gauge, modified choke and # 5 shot, 2 3/4 inch (pheasant load). Just get them inside of 20 yards and they will go down!
  5. hey guys i went turkey hunting last year during youth hunt had to many nice turkeys on private property and to many no's when asked if i could hunt on there property. So my dad and I are dieing to kill are first turkey!!
    IF you could just please just tell me or point me in the right direction of a good turkey hunting spot is.

  6. Hunting a bird as huge as a wild turkey with a 20 ga. brings up a concern for me that the shot taken is close, the choke of the gun is extremely tight and the gun has been patterned prior to hunting so the hunter knows exactly what the gun will do with the specific shell and load used. You indicated your intention of a close shot. But the question for me is why switch to a 20 ga and increase the likelihood of wounding a bird? Would you fish for 15 lb wild coho with a 4wt?
  7. As long as your are comfortable with your gun and have patterned it then I say go for it. Obviously the 12ga would have more knockdown but it would be cool to bag one with your grandfathers old 20ga!
  8. Top
    Where to hunt is a pretty general ?
    So where do you want to hunt?
    Maybe then I can help.
    Asking land owners during season is not the time. Start your scouting and asking way early or after the season is over.
    Just because someone tells ya no the first time does not mean you should give up.
    I used to work for orchardest that would not let anyone hunt on the properties until they got to know me and trusted me that I wasn't gonna shoot up the irrigation or the trees, etc.
    Looking at maps and finding public land close to the private land is another way to possibly getting into a nice turkey.
    Good luck.
  9. Upton,

    I'm heading out for bird #1 with the 12, bird #2 with the 20 if, as stated, it patterns correctly. I would think a 20 under 20 yards has the same lethality of a 12 at 40-50, therefore, it comes down to pattern/pellet count. :hmmm:
  10. Andrew, you have clearly set reasonable limits for using the 20 ga. and it sounds like you are able to get the bird within the kill zone. Good luck with your hunt, I hope you will post some photos and share some of the stories. I've been exposed to many, many wild turkeys while deer hunting in Georgia and I assisted with trapping and re-introduction of the birds on several occasions. They are amazing animals and incredibly wary. They are to hunting what steelheading is to fishing. I refuse to do two things: fish for steelhead and hunt turkeys. I have enough addictions in my life and I know starting after these two animals would be like trying crack...
  11. Oh, squat!!!! Thanks, guys-just realized my surgery has eliminated this year's turkey season:mad::mad::mad:
  12. From what I hear turkeys are tough birds. I got myself a bps 10ga. for turkeys and geese. the 10ga. is more fun to shoot than my 870 12ga. (the recoil does not hurt compared to my 870). I cant wait for opening day.


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