Friday wassss awesome. Hooked 10 fish, biggest was 16. Saturday was pouring rain, so I got soaked, and eventually just sat on the dock with an umbrella casting midges under indicators. Hooked five, and landed my biggest fish ever out of the lake, a 21 inch holdover. today, sunny, so I had to work for my fish, 4 landed biggest 15. But had a fish that was huge easily 23-24 inches long. it bent my six weight rod like steelhead! Wouldn't fit in the net, but got him to the side, but as I was reaching down to grab him, he did a HUGE head shake, and threw the fly in my face, but I still consider it a fish caught:D:D
Its kinda hard tp land a huge fish, make sure the umbrella doesn't blow away, dig out the camera, take a pic, and get the fish back in the water withing a few minutes....
Fine, Im sorry i didn't get any photos, I wish there was a machine that projected memories.... It was awesome. Just was sitting there not expecting anything, and I see my indicator move about an inch to the left. I slowly raise the rod and gently set the hook, boom, 21 incher goin insane jumping every where. The 24 incher i was trolling a leech deep, did a s turn to get the fly movin and wham, the rod gets ripped out of my hands. I grap the rod again and hold on. The fish kept going deep. But I got him close to the boat and realized my net wasn't big enough. So, I dropped down to get the fly out and he did the rest:). That fish wasn't what many people would consider "caught" but I have that memory stuck in my mind and its wonderful.