What beaches are good right now?

Ed Call

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I like to fish the following. I have preferred tidal cycles to fish but honestly I'll fish them wheneverthehell I have available to fish. I have received more from WFF than I have the ability to offer. I do not fear these beign over run. Who hates me now?

Removed at the request of a friend
Cliffside Beach (private access)
Removed at the request of a friend
Lions Park

All but one are pubic access points. Anyone's knickers in a twist about me outing secret information? If you have secrets, keep them, send them in PM but why lecture others about what they do with thier information? Thanks to the many here who have helped me in various fishing aspects. If there is any slight chance I can offer something of use to others they can always ask.
Okay, perhaps my opinion on this does not have as much relevance as most others do. I fish from a boat, so fishermen on the beach don't affect me at all--when I see one, that is just a couple hundred yards out of many miles that I can't fish. So I will bow out of the debate.

That being said, Mumbles, RF, I like your attitudes on the whole thing. If you ever want to go out in the boat, shoot me a PM.


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I'm with Ed Call (Mumbles) on this. Fly fishing needs to be "inclusive" not "exclusive".

My fishing at present is limited to Lincoln Park. If a bunch of you are there ahead of me when I get there, I hope you'll let me take some photos of you fishing and/or of your fish. As I learn more on beach fishing I'll share it with others. To me its a brotherhood of flyfishermen. I will also say that the population in western Washington is going to continue to increase over the next 20 years. It would be beneficial to learn how to work together to share what's here vs. fighting over it.

Karl Shaffer

Ed Call

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Anyone need some shrimping hot spots! RF
:rofl: RF, only if you are pulling the pots! I'm sure that I'm not man enough to go a whole day pulling pots by hand from 200'+ depths. My girls like me constantly pulling crab pots when we go out. I have to set them far apart so I get adequate soak time by building in distractions and distance.

I would not mind finding a few pubilc access points on Bainbridge if you don't mind sharing. i know a few but with all that shoreline it would be nice to know more.

Gene kindly mentioned them all, for prawns (closed now though in Area 10 as far as I know) Fay Bainbridge is close to very good prawn fishing. About 200' away. But this ramp is marginal. Like Normandy! I use a hauler, I too had kids and hauled by hand in those past days. U G L Y scene. I distracted them by piling some sand in the skiff so they could play with their toy trucks. RF
RF, I'm pretty sure the marginal ramp at FB is closed.

The web is an interesting place when fishing locations. Some people choose to kiss and tell others don't. But I agree, it is someones choice to share with others. I have a piece of Steelhead water on the Cowlitz that Creekside sent "steelheaders" to for years. I can't say it made me happy to have lots of noobs beating the river to a froth but I don't own the river. The problem I had was not telling them to step, cast, step, cast,..... Start at the top or find another piece of water. You have to be willing to look but general hints can be nice, most of you started with them also.

If someone comes out and asked a legit question, don't play seagull and shit on his head. Just fly way knowing what you know, if you don't like it. Otherwise like this thread you keep it alive.
I'll admit, it took me a long time to get into the sport because I had only met the 'exclusive' kind of folks, and I wanted nothing to do with them.

Then I moved here and had some excellent 'inclusive' guys take me into their circle, show me around the local beaches/lakes and give me flies and countless pieces of insight. I know it's a 2-way street, yet all I had to offer was gas money, some beer, and whatever kind of company I bring to the dynamic.

There's got to be a healthy balance between giving away too many club secrets and being a total jerk. Suggesting the search function and buying an atlas would be just that. Oh, and network your way into a circle of folks that you can fish with. The world will open up right in front of you.

But there's a good point in this thread about access, so my question for you all is what are the laws regarding walking down a beach that was accessed via a public access? There's courtesy involved, sure, but what else if anything? I know I'm probably going to take heat for asking a dumb question considering nobody owns the salt, but hey, I just want to make sure I'm not offending my neighbors so that I'm welcome to return time and time again.

And RF, as a teacher here, I enjoy the benefit of a that teacher-without-kids schedule. If you're ever looking for some company around the water, I'll bring the beer.


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Doc's, Titlow, Pt no Pt, Picnic, Golden Gardens and Lincoln. Wait, that's 6. Oh well, secret's out.

You mentioned in an earlier thread that naming specific places will lead to shoulder to shoulder fishing. Well, several of the places you mentioned will be this summer. I can guarantee that someone will have a Gazetteer out tonight looking for some of the locations mentioned in this thread.

Look at Doc's for example. The number of people fishing it has increased greatly since the park went in. Not to mention folks walking directly behind your backcast. I wonder how many people that fish it now did so before the park was built and you had to walk there from the old bridge? The fact is there weren't many, having fished there for over 40 years.

There is nothing wrong with sharing information on techniques, equipment, flies etc. I'm just not a believer in giving out specific saltwater spots, whether well known or not. About as specific as I'll get regarding the salt is something like "MA 10 beach report".
Part of the fun of our sport, at least for me is discovering new areas to fish. If you need instant gradification, the internet will certainly help you achieve that.
Cheers and best of luck hooking up some SRC's. ptyd


I think both sides can be equally served...As someone new to the salt fly...and driving down from the border it helps to read and then try and find some of these spots..Still have no idea where any of it is as I don't know the area but do store the info. on the slight chance my old brain will remember IF I go by one...talk and ask through pm's etc.

Knowing nothing I still cringe at the thought of naming any spot on the internet..If you equate to river fishing...Some buddies for fun had caught a couple coho's and on the way home stopped at another spot and took pictures with a dam visible in the background...That is a very identifying feature to that river obviously..They got flamed over it as the next few days on that flow saw an increase of a couple hundred guys...where by the way there was no fish...Funny as hell in a way but also show's the power of the internet...

Up here the beach fishing has died off to a degree where the guys that have had success will warn you to not open your mouth or fear retaliation..but there aren't miles and miles of beaches you can fish, that have fish...One guy opening his mouth in a fly shop can ruin what's left of the Salmon beach fishing so while it's somewhat obvious if you drive by, god help you if you did a post and blabbed it...

Wish I lived close to a beach that had fish...other then dogs and flounder...

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It sounds like people are getting to lazy to check things out for themselves. Where is this and where is that, what rock do I stand on. What ever happened to going out and looking for yourselves.

When I started out fishing all I had was a good map and I found many, many spots to fish and clam dig or go crabbing. I didn't need the internet to ask all these questions. By asking these questions you put off many people from giving out places to go. I know that I want to clam up.