Rocky Ford Creek


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I was wanting to try out Rocky Ford Creek this week, and was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions.

Are waders needed on the Creek? I thought I read that there was no wading.

And, is the fishing better between the hatchery, and the private property, or the other side of the private property. I do have a map of the area.

Is it mostly chronomids and scuds they like? Any use for dry flies?

I hope this isn't too many quesitons. I hear great things about the fish there. I'm really excited, and hope someone can help make my chances of landing a fat trout a little better.




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Was there today and so were about a dozen others. It will be crowded over the holidays, I am sure.

No waders needed, but waterproof your 9" boots.

I might suggest reading an earlier report "Hot Ford" - It will tell you what to use and the gear. It worked today.::LOVEIT


Paul Huffman

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I wonder if I fly into Ephrata if I can walk over to the creek. It looks like a couple miles from the airport. I wonder if the airport has a courtesty junker.
Do you have your own aircraft? I'm not sure that any commercial flights actually land in Ephrata. However, I've never really checked into it that thoroughly, either.

It would be a lenghty hike from Ephrata to the creek.
It's about 5 miles due East, but you better have a lot of water in the summer, and some really warm clothes in the winter. Fall or Spring are probably your best bet:BIGSMILE

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Yes, a Cessna 172.

The Gazetteer shows the airport on the east side of town, and the creek about three miles away across blank landscape. I wonder if there's an easy way thru if I bring a bike.

No floats, however. Wouldn't that just frost 'em if I landed on the strip of blue.
If you could plot a course directly from the airport that'd be pretty sweet. I guess you'd just have to make sure you weren't going to run into any private land issues, big fences or other obstacles. It could make for a bumpy, but fun mountain bike ride.

good luck


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Hey...I went out there yesterday (Take a right onto hatchery rd., follow it to the hatchery, then take a left. Go straight to the second parking area and then go across the street to the water.)

Anyhow, there were about 6 people fishing the entire day and I only saw/heard of one fish being caught. I had a few bites here and there, but nothing. Oh, it's also bring some warm clothes.

I went through my whole box and the only thing that I got a bite on was a scud. That's also what the guy caught his on.

The fish are visual, just not bitin'. How's everyone else doing?