Ok, final list and instructions for buying the bulk tubing

Sent a PM on 5/18. You must be overloaded with this "project" for us all since I haven't heard back.

Not to delay this any further, I'll just send out a payment right now and you can work back into what's left for the tubing, after you've covered your shipping & packing costs first. Thanks a bunch. :thumb:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Algis, I got it, and you're right I had a TON of PM's. Plus, being a moderator, I already have a couple already. But wasn't overloaded. Just read them on my phone, and forgot which ones I needed to respond back to once I got home and brought up the computer.

Onto shipping. I seriously CAN NOT tell you what the costs will be, or even guestimate. I have no idea how much weight these things are going to be, nor if I'll have to buy packaging materials (ie tubes). If I can get the triangular mailers from USPS free, that'll save a bit. But doubt even the small orders will fit into a padded mailer. Remember, for every buck you spend it's at least 30 feet. Not sure on total weight on that yet. Why I wanted people to hold off on paying shipping. Mostly for funding reasons and keeping records straight. Now I've had to keep a second ledger detailing who's paid what versus extra on top of that. I literally have no idea on cost, so will have to get them in my hands first to figure it out from there.

Ralfish, never got your PM.

And, who's from Hawaii? Got a payment and have no idea who sent it.


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Jerry, how long is the tubing? You had said earlier that it may be 8' pieces ( I'm hoping no longer than 3'). Makes a difference to the shipping costs....Please advise asap....


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If you haven't hit your $500 target yet, I'd like to join your order. I can probably find a couple friends who would also appreciate the opportunity. It looks like $20 buys a heck of a lot of tubing.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Salmo, at this point I've hit the mark. But if you want in, I can get extra tubing. More the merrier. Just once I place the order, that's it. So, how much do you want in for? $20?

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, I should clear up a few things really quick. The added $0.01 a foot was to cover the shipping costs of all the tubing to ME. Not the shipping back to you. That's what I had been waiting on, was to find out what the shipping costs would be. I had the $0.03 a foot, and the shipping to my door added onto it would rough out to an extra penny. Shipping onto everyone else is???? I won't know until I divide it all up and weigh it in their tubes.

Onto lengths. It'll either be shipped in 8' or 4' lengths. Whichever is the cheapest for me to get sent to the house. Once I get it, I will cut it down to say 2' or 3' lengths. Whichever will fit easiest in the tubes. I won't ship it in the same size as I get it, wouldn't be cost effective. But if I cut them down, it'll be easier for all of us in the long run.

Ok, we're getting close. I'm getting more money. Just updated what I've got so far. So we're getting close. Now just need the rest of the money to get in here.

Ed Call

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Jerry, thanks again for putting all this together to get so many of us into some bulk tubing. I can only imagine how tough this process has been for you. Thank you very much.