you know you've got a problem....

when you finally pick up that crusty t shirt from the floor of your room and find a small brown paper bag loaded with $93.84 worth of tippet, leaders, hooks, and beads. and 1 thingamabobber.

i have no recollection of ever buying this although the receipt reveals 2/11/09......

alright? :beer2:

sweet. i was almost out of 5x flouro.......
i would never do such a thing.

within the realm of my closet i also unearthed half a jar of peanut butter, my spare stripping basket, some microwavable popcorn, an unopened 25lb bag of protein mix, a new package of AAA batteries and my missing stash of TUMS.


today was a good day.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
:eek: eeewwww sean thats nasty i hope you live alone!

i havent found anthing cool on my tying bench to day, yesterday i found a pack of hooks that i thought i tied on{they were under a fly box}. and i found my wallet yesterday too which is good, its my most lost thing:(.

its called a vacuum try using on they work wonders:D
*That's* where my little brown bag ended up!

Seriously, I see nothing wrong with blackouts while standing in flyshops. I end up with fly rods and stuff afterwards.

Bwa ha ha ha
It makes me feel old getting excited about a brown paper bag that contains fly fishing paraphernalia rather than other stuff that was a "hobby" at one time.I hope the day never comes where I'm so out of the loop I can't find anyone to sell me fly fishing goods.I'll suck your dick for a 6x 9ft leader.
He must own scuba gear, Was in a boat of shore. That guys creepy....... But I did find the rod floating later. It was a couple years ago before I was a fly-fishin convert, and the bobber floated up and I grabbed it.


"Ride'n Dirty."
Seriously! You can't remember buying almost a hundred dollars worth of tippet, beads and hooks....a couple of months ago. Wow. You must be a man of many means. Also, clean your room! Seriously!

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
I find stuff in my workshop I don't remember buying all of the time. It's getting entertaining, kind of like a treasure hunt. I'd accuse my wife of planting the stuff but I won't like that outcome. Besides, her memory is starting to fool with her, too. Geez, what a pair.

If you run across any more brown paper bags and are afraid to find out what's in them, send me a PM and I'll come pick it up and dispose of it for you.