Access Points on the Yakima?

I am newer to fly fishing and want to try fishing the Yakima this coming week. I will be coming from Seattle and want to do some wading on the river. Where are the best spots to go where I can access the river and how to I get there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!


AKA: Gregory Mine
I guess it all depends on where your thinking of going. the higher up you fish, the better time you will have as the water gets bigger the closer you get to the canyon. It can be done in the canyon, however waiting another month will really put you in better shape if your planning on going into the canyon. for the most part for right now, its a float river down low until the level drops. That may be a debateable statement, but you will enjoy it a lot more, with tons more water to fish if you hang tough for another month for the canyon water to finaly come down. Especially if your new to fly fishing and don't have a lot of wading experience. Please tell me you have all the right stuff. waders, felt sole boots, and don't laugh at a wading staff, they can save your life if you slip or lose balance, especially in thick water.

For right now, I would stay above Cle Elum, once the Teanaway meets the Yakima, its for the most part tough wading. The Elk Heights area can be challenging this time of year, just about the Teanaway dumping in can be fun as well. Or go into the canyon and stay right next to the banks, you may not even be able to get into it as well. the fish will be on the banks or just off them so dont think you have to throw it far, they are right under your feet usually this time of year. You can go into the canyon, park at Umtanum, cross the bridge and walk up river. there is lots of areas and bank water you can get to real easy. Not sure of how easy the wading will be, but there is lots of room behind you with lots of pocket water. Please dont think i'm trying to change your mind on anything, but if you go now into the canyon, in another month to month and a half, it will be a completely different river. To me, thats when the fun just starts. Greg