winthrop area this friday

A fellow member and I are headed up to winthrop friday thru sunday to do some fun & fishing. mostly fishin though and that is fun enough. send a pm if you want to meet up and have some fun fishin. T.M
I wish it was friday . Have tied alot of bugs waiting for this weekend. Food is ready ,cooler is full. Come on friday morning I wanna FISH:thumb:
hit the winthrop area friday with Scott and we had a good time. Met some guy's from he olympic fly fishing club, and some others. Friday fishing was so,so, great damsel hatch. Saturday was really good for me. Hot and windy at times but great fishing, good food and drinks.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Someone got totally schooled on Saturday..... Nice job TM. Did hit some fish in the shallows on dry damsels - always fun. Love that shallow water stuff. Saw some more great birds - green winged, blue and cinnamon teals, eagles, orioles and the evening grosbeaks were thick. A falcon flew through during the day.

A lot of nice wildflowers, although the arrowleaf balsam root are done.