Best Carp Fly?

Best Carp Fly?

  • Whit's Near 'Nuff crawfish

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • rubber legged hare's ear

    Votes: 7 14.9%
  • Wooly Bugger

    Votes: 15 31.9%
  • BH soft hackle

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Other. ( name fly below...)

    Votes: 15 31.9%

  • Total voters

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
So, now is the time for the carp to come out and play. Over the last 4 years I have become a dedicated carp fly fisherman. I have put together a list above wondering which fly ( In personal educated opinion) has caught the most fish and is worth filling a whole box full of...
Heck, I really wish I could find a pic of the bird poop fly we used to use. Basically fanned out white maribou with a dark center.

The other "odd" fly I like for carp is a mulberry fly for wherever the carp are congregating under mulberry trees. Or the cicada fly (guess you don't have those out here) that we'd use ever 17 years or so ...
Get a selection of Pats stones ( the one with the stillwater legs) in various colors, weighted and non. They pretty much imitate anything and have crazy action. I tie a variation that improves it a bit. But that's something you'll have to figure on your own.

Commons like'm

even grassers like'm

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Wheatie balls, maybe with some peanut butter (optional). Crush wheaties in bag, add vanilla extract to moisten, ball up and place on hook. That used to slay them in Rome City, IN under the railroad tressel bridge crossing Sylvan Lake! Anyone up for a road trip?
I have always done well on juans, blood worms, large midges and rubber legged crayfish patterns. I am going to have to try a pats stone now.

Brad Niemeyer

Old School Member
I've done well with this fly I submitted from the 2003 carp swap. The "trusty rusty" seems to land softly and draw interest immediately...

Any dark brown rubber legged nymph is the ticket to hookups:ray1:


Active Member
SJW in a couple variations has worked consistantly the best for me.Try a wiggle worm variation too.Red with gold bead, or red with blue glass(off-set) bead.Seems like there never is really ONE fly that ALWAYS works.Every day fishing for carp can bring a different response.
connor the weather report is lookin ultra gay. me and evan bagged the trip due to forecasted wind and cloud cover. we'll do it soon though fosho son.

and i second the pats stone. picked that up from yard and its been money for me from the get go. tried other stuff but the pats just plain works for me and is a quick tie. just dont over weight it. but im only 6 trips into carpin. so take that with a grain of salt.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
These have always worked . . .

The 3rd one down ("Mulberry Madness") works very well in all-black at times, too (but my preference is burgundy marabou). Tie on size 6-8 hooks. Find tailing carp, drop one out front & move it 4"-6" when you think the fish is close. Take is very subtle . . . DON'T use any rod <6-wt (I prefer a 7 for the the radiation-mutated Tri Cities Carpazoids . . . ). Buy the red bead-chain at your local Lowes . . . I tie a variety of these & some I blacken the eyes on with a Sharpie . . . there are days when carp vamoose whenever they see a flash.