Hot Spots?


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Hi all!

I NEED TO FISH - I NEED TO CATCH SOME FISH! LOL - Seriously, I wanna go out this weekend...can anyone give me some hints on hotspots? Thanks much! ;)

Oh...and about all the talk on the Rocky Ford, it's not that great right now. The water is pretty low and they're just not bitin'.
Going out tomorrow, gonna hit the stilly. I think that there should be some hatchery fish at the fortson hole, depending on current conditions. Have you been on the green lately?

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Now there's a fly fishing hotspot, Fortson Hole, just don't snag anyone on your backcast!!:EEK

I would try elsewhere on the Stilly, either at Hazel or at C-Post Bridge, and maybe downstream of the Fortson, but not at the Fortson Hole.:WINK