fly fishing for the bourgeoisie (elite and filthy wealthy)

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thank you Preston. That was turning from amusing to embarrassing.

As for Obama's popularity... When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count of the support of Paul. I just hope no one tells him what comes after a trillion.
That would be a "bazillion." I don't know how much it is, but I've heard that word a lot lately.:rofl:
And another progressive rant on wff. Happens every few months

Those damn elitist Republicans!!
I hear those brave Dems never travel with Security and never ever cause traffic jams and close down areas to the public. Have spent 100's of hours over the years in traffic jams in NYC and DC because of Dums being wisked around in their limos with their security .

Re the filthy rich: The wealth that The Dems ( Gore -warming scam; Clinton- whoring himself to the Saudis; Hosebama-Ghostwritten fiction) have accumulated makes Bush and Cheney look like paupers in comparison)

BFD The guy fishes one day a year there. When other celebs bring attention to fly fishing it is celebrated on WFF

Again have to preface this for the libs: No big fan of Bush/Cheney admin

In my line of work (18 years) worked with guys who did security for former Repubs being bashed on this site. Nicest down-to-earth people you would ever want to meet. I have worked around them too. Every year Bush and Cheneys would throw holiday parties for the SS and their families to show appreciation. Would personally serve them and families. No pretensions. Cannot say the same for the Dems though. Clintons referred to their security detail as their "little piggies" and would not even speak to them. (These are guys who swore to take a bullet for the President and his family). The haughty Muslim pupppet and Gore have the same attitude. Cannot find someone to say one nice word about them who worked security around them.

And Cheney is not a gear whore and is a pretty good fly fisherman. ( I know this first hand) I did however hear that Obambi uses rainbow colored power bait 2 oz bait sinkers, trebel hooks and a zebco 202 with 15 lb test when fishing.

Didn't Congress vote on the war? Or did Cheney unilaterally send them? Who just sent 30,000 poor minorty children to die in Afghanistan? Was it Hosebama?

Tell you what, guys who insist on the liberal rants on WFF even though the site states no politics. Will let you guys use my Marriot points and you liberal dudes can get a hotel room and spend a few days there. Even throw in some patchouli oil, a large tube of KY gel ( industrial size) so you can have a sausage party and rant about Bush/Cheney, watch MSNBC and Keith Uberdouche.

Will do this for you only if you promise no more rants on here

Alykum As-Salaam
I too have been fishing with Dick!!! My sister went to school with Dick's Daughter Mary at the U of C, and they, well, dated for awhile. So my sister attended a few Cheney family get togethers over the years and I happened to get invited along once and Met Dick. My sister said she did not like Dick, so I was intimidated when I met him, but we had flyfishing in common so we had something to chat about. He was still an intimidating dude, I'll tell ya! A year or so later I'll be damned If I didn't get an invite to go fishing with him on the Green River!

I went.

It was a surreal experience, like 60 men in black; snipers, zodiacs, helicopters, Suburbans, scuba divers, the whole division hovering over under and around our drift boat like a bunch of angry wasps. I was totally blown away by the whole deal, but Dick was pretty used to it. He didn't say a whole lot at first, and he seemed pretty pissed in general, so I kept my mouth shut. After he got a couple slugs of the 24 oz Coors he out of his cooler into him he loosened up a bit, and boy o boy did he have allot on his mind.

After He hollered at all the SS guys that were surrounding us in six or seven other drift boats to back off or he would have them all transferred to Guam, he started in:

He said W was "pussy whipped" by Condi, and that what we needed was a 3 front war against Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and that Iraq should have been "Our Goddamned parking lot by now". He started over casting and thrashing the water, spitting out sentences between slugs of Coors and punches of his fly pole. "Turn all the Stans into Puerto Ricos Then get that prick Putin"... "Colin can lick my balls" .... "Kerry is limp wristed traitor from Massachusetts" ... "They served fucking enchiladas on Air Force One"...

At some point, a Mule deer doe standing dumbly by the water looking at the flotilla caught Dicks eye. He pointed at the deer with his fly pole and bellowed out of the corner of his mouth, "BLAST THAT FUCKER". Silence. The SS guys were terrified of him, but I think they thought it was a bad idea to open up on the doe. If one shot went off the that canyon, all 60 men in Black would have riddled everything within 2 miles full of depleted uranium ordinance. You could have heard a pin drop, everyone was waiting to see what Dick was gonna do, and to everyone's great relief, he started to pick up his line. The storm seemed to be over, but he did mutter "Pansies" under his breath. It was the damnedest thing, but there was a 22" Brownie on the end of his line.. Honestly I think one of the scuba guys slipped it on there because the thing came in like a big hunk of algae was cross eyed and pretty well done.

A couple minutes later he asked me if I was a Republican (It was the first time he really spoke directly to me all morning), I don't know where I got the courage, but I said I was a Ron Paul guy. He look at me with his steely blues, paused a second, then said, "That's alright- we SHOULD privatize every fucking thing".

Then there was the whole insane deal at the ramp with the Code Pink chick, but I am going fishing today so I gotta go... man what a day that was.
I believe mini-e.
I read a story about "Dick" and fly fishing and I bet it happened just like that.
mini-e ya got to finish the story about the "Code pink chick" gotta be a great read.
mini-e, you are a giant in the WFF community!!! :thumb:

just when it appears that the community has regressed into a single-celled protozoan brain mass ... you provide hope and inspire us to a higher calling ... bawling: