Area 51 Creek, California

Went creekin' today. Caught about 15-20, partner caught more, as usual. Biggest went about 15", a real monster for a creek this size. A couple of 10" - 14"ers caught also. All rainbows and all caught on the stimulator. Great time was had and only a couple of bone bruising spills. Not a bad way to start the creekin' season. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the bigger fish we landed.


Dave stalking the elusive wild trout of Area 51.

One of the wild-ones to hand.

Fighting the "big" one, which released at the beach while setting up the camera shot. Notice the new shorts?

Dave displaying an Area 51 wild trout.

You wouldn't be envious if you had my bills. One son at St Mary's and another at USF. I have to alternate expensive hats for each trip. Go Gaels! Go Dons!



has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
Nice to see you guys are rocking some serious Area 51 Mustaches too... Looks like a great trip.

Ed Call

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This is all a figment of our imaginations. No area 51. No area 51 trout. No lunar landing. Smoke and mirrors from a basement in Hollywood then...and now.

Thanks for sharing.