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Hello, spey gurus. I am trying to decide between starter spey rods. I have GLoomis GL3 15 footer for 10/11 line and Heritage Spey Rod 9/10 Weight 15 footer in mind. I have seen mixed review on GLoomis GL3s, and very limited but positive reviews on Heritage rods. Does anyone have good experience with any of the above? Please send your opinion.




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Where do you live? If within 2 hours of Carnation WA. Go to the River Run Spey shop in Carnation. Not only will you find most of the "good" spey rods on the market, but they also are right near the river and will let you try out all the rods with different lines... I hope this doesn't qualify as spam...

Matt Burke

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Loop Yellow line, 9/10 14 foot or 8/9 12 footer for around 400. I'd like to try and break one of those cnd's or Loomis rods though.


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I have the 4 piece 15 foot 9/10 heritage rod and love it.
It lacks some of the cosmetics but casts assume. I lined mine with the airflow multitip 9/10 line, which is a good match.
I would spend an additional 20$ and get a second tip just in
case. My sage hasn't seen the water since I bought the

Spey rods of this size range are for bigger rivers and heavier flies. They get a lot of use, but may or may not be what you want for a first spey rod. If you're thinking North Stilly in the summer, for instance, that's too much rod.
I have no experience with the Heritage line. As for the G. Loomis, there were actually two GL-3 models of that size. One was a fairly fast action rod, not too good with sinking tips - and that's what you'll fish most of the time with those SUV-size rods. The other was a much slower action, user-friendly, though not the most powerful. I have that slower model and still use it frequently. They had the same model number:eek . The slower model added the suffix "Spey."
Thank you all for the replies. I checked the web for the rods you mentioned. The feedback is pretty good for the Heritage and Loop Yellow. One thing that concerns me about Loop Yellow is the warranty. Does it have a replacement warranty, and how fast they can replaced broken part, since the manufacturer is in Sweden? Have you tried different other "colors" from Loop line? What is the reason you went with "Yellow", Mattzoid?

I live on the Kitsap peninsula, and will be fishing Olympics mostly with this spey. Maybe I should stop by the Carnation spey shop and try some of them out.



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Give Aaron a call at the shop and set up a good time, it will be worth it. Heck, hit the skykomish for pinks on the way in, the ones I've been catching there are larger than those in the pictures I've been seeing here }( and make a day of it!

Matt Burke

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Fishing Vlad,

I saw Goran Anderson tossing the Yellow line and then I tried it. I never asked about a warranty as I was more concerned about how it felt. Infact, I've never asked about any warranty on any of my stuff. Only buy what I can toss first and then my decision is based on feel. I'll more than likely rot in Fly Fishing hell for that.

The Loop rods seem slower and I run line at the specified weight instead of one over that beginners find easier to toss. I also was looking at a Spey rod that would handle running line and shooting heads. That is basically what Loop makes for their Spey rods. They are also more suited to an underhand cast. I am tired of trying to make my own shooting heads for the 8wt 12 footer and have now caved into buying the flooting shooting head for that rod, made by loop. I still run a windcutter with tips on the 9wt 14 footer though. It's a good rod for the Sol Duc or Stilly, but it's a little slow. I would like to get a 9 or 10 weight 14 footer for the Sky, Skagit or Hoh that is a little faster, like the Derek Brown or Scott ARC for those money shots across the river. I think the other color lines of Loop might be faster, but I haven't tried them. I know they are cheaper.

I have one 15 footer, an older Sage 10150. I did learn how to cast with it, but don't know if I would buy another 15 footer. I Don't use it on the smaller rivers like the Sol Duc or Stilly. It can wear ya out and I end up switching to a smaller rod anyway.


"Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
As a previous owner of the Loomis GL3 I suggest you stay away from it. It's a better overhand rod and althoug it handles heavy heads well, I don't think it's a beginners rod.
I just bought the Loop yeallow 9140-4 and I wouldn't describe it as a slow rod. It say middelish to fast. A person who was used to the sage european rods may think differently though. I find it very forgiving and it seems to handle heads well. The warranty is not the best, but then it costs about half the price of a Sage. They also replace the various rod parts for a reasonable price. At the outset there is a one year unlimited warranty.

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