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i run several styles of pots out of my boat and have yet to have anything fish better than a beat up old danielson. make sure your pots are weighted enough to stay on the bottom in the area you are fishing and that you have enough slack in your line if you drop on a low tide.


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I too prefer the folding Danielson's. Not only cheap they seem to fish faster than the "fancier" pots. I have found that a soak of 40/45 minutes is enough. If you are going to spend a lot of time working your gear the rings are the best way to go (and what I normally use when searching new areas); you can pull them every 20 minutes or so.

That said if I were to leave my pots soaking overnight (yes I know that is tempting the theives) those square Danielson don't fish as well; eventually the crabs are able to force themselves out of the pot.

I assume that everyone are releasing all the wild ones!

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when i wanted to move from collapsable rings to something more substantial, i talked with several commercial crabbers for opinions. they all said the same thing: round or octagonal traps out fish everything else, period. as usual YMMV. and if you drop your traps on a herd of crabs, all bets are off :)
cant wait til tomorrow am to dump the pots before work, I leave my pots out there during the time its opened an check them when I can so I use the danielson pots for that. never had one stolen but I know it happens all the time here in manchester. last winter blackmouth fishing in front of fuel depot I snagged a pot out of season with a downrigger line with no buoy an it was plum full of very large crab. Dont worry, i let them go. I have a fancy pot that I use only for day trips when A buddy or my son wants to drop a pot somewhere an check it quite often

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I like the pots that have the vertical curtain that goes all the way around. When you drop it they can get in anywhere on the sides. They fish like rings, but keep em in like pots.

If you want to try some really good bait they can't really eat, but holds em in the pot I recommend this stuff made in Oregon called Crab Butter. I warm it up in the sun and then smear it on a sponge that I put inside the bait box. It is made from parafin and crab fat. It works super. My bro has the guys who run his commercial boat (The Ms Humboldt) in NorCal use it to great success.


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Floatinghat -
Yes it helps to tie the top and bottom of the trap to the sides - I use wire ties on three sides (3 ties per side) leaving just one side that can open. I mark that side with a piece of flaggers tape. Weighting the doors also helps ( I use pieces of pencil lead (3/16") wrapped around the center door post.

In spite of that it still seems that crabs escape more easily from those traps than the more traditional traps (I have tested that by soaking them both with a known number of crabs). I think it has to do with the position of the doors which allows some crab to escape while others have the door pushed open to enter. The very thing that allows those traps to "fish faster" than the round commerical type is also what allows the crab to escape more easily. In short when I expect to fish my traps several times a day I prefer the Danielsons and my round wire traps for over night sets.

Tight lines
Good luck. I will not get a chance to put ours out till Friday morning most likely. Reminds me, I still need to make a crab condo to hold them till I am ready to cook them up.
Now were did I leave the bucket and lid so I can start drilling holes into it.

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I believe it is the case that it is not legal to begin crabing prior to 7:00 AM on opening dates.

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Curt, correct as printed on Page 130 in the regs. I did not know that until I read your post and looked it up. Good to know! Thank you as always.