Pattern Inspired by SRC Spiderfish

I was inspired by Thomas Mitchell's Cutthroat Spiderfish and just started playing around. Being very new to fly tying (this is my 4th fly) this is just an odd mix of things I've seen, and materials at hand.

I'm new enough I don't know the name of several of the materials I used - almost all of my materials are second hand, so please excuse my ignorance of materials - so much to learn.

Alec Jackson #7 Hook
0/6 Black Thread
Tag and Tip - flat Gold Tinsel
Tail - ? feather was orange with black spots
Body - Black/Green Metallic woven yarn (I don't yet know how to dub peacock)
Collar - Partridge ?
Upper Wing - Peacock herl
Lower Wing - a little bit of feather under the front of the fly - paler version of the feather I used for the tail.

It is very messy, and out of proportion - but a guy has to start somewhere.

Do you think and SRC would hit this?

You can see Thomas' fly here:
SRC Spiderfish

Big E

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umm....I would think that it would catch fish but not a fly that I would recommend to a beginner to tie in quantity. I think that I would recommend a and cheerful and easy to tie.

Ed Call

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I think that is one nice looking fly D. The colors are nice, and you could add variety to this fly by using different cheniles, tail fibers, soft hackle and thread. Are there a trio of peacock herl wing fibers? I'm used to seeing pairs. Speaking of pairs, a paired set of long narrow hackles tied in as long wings would be cool too. Keep tying those, the fish will likely prove that they like your offering.

Fourth fly my ass...that fly is way too good to be your fourth fly.
Thanks guys-

My first were two were elk hair caddis tied late last week.
The third was rebuilding an old sand lance pattern that the hook tip had broken off - ended up adding a white hackle feather on top of the hook to make it more of a flat wing (I think that is what it is called).

I've been reading on this forum daily. There are a lot of great inspiration, and construction tips - without this forum, and all of you, there is no way I would be able to tie this fly with such little experience.

Ed- Yes there are three peacock herls - I may be using the wrong term calling them wings- they are intended to lay across the back of the fly, three just felt right.

Hopefully I will get this fly in front of an SRC this evening -